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From Richard Whitehart: Sound therapists Wanted

I am now organising the workshops for my annual event “Gong Camp” and I am wanting sound therapists to join us on Saturday 8th July to run an hours workshop in the morning and then repeat the workshop in the afternoon. read more

World Sound Healing - Feb 14

World Sound Healing - Feb 14 read more

Train Passengers Sing Over The Rainbow

We turned the Monday morning blues into a glorious public sing-a-long! Easily one of the most uplifting experiences we've ever helped create. Bring this to Europe read more

Help Wanted by Soesen Edan: Sound Therapy & Autism

I'm on the hunt for sound therapists/healers that work with Autism. read more

Gong Problems - Help!

I need a bit of advice. I am afraid that I left my 32" Paiste gong hanging on it`s stand, and whilst I was away the gut snapped. I was shocked to see it on the floor, with a rather dented bottom lip. The main circle looks as it was, but the rim is no longer round. read more

Sound Survey by Johnty Wilks

Johnty Wilks, a saxophonist who composes meditation music and conducts sound healing workshops with the saxophone is doing some research on new age/ meditation and chillout music genres - buying patterns, attendance at meditation live music events and peoples interests in the different sub genres of this type of music. read more

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