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Help - I want to arrange a Sound Bath for myself and friends

Hi I am looking for someone to take a sound bath session. I am hosting a qigong retreat in Charney Manor in May and would love my guests to experience a sound bath. read more

BandCamp Test

read more

Where Are Your Old Cassettes?

I am a PhD candidate at Oxford and an independent music researcher currently looking into networks of visionary, ambient, electronic, and healing music from the 1970s through the 1990s. My project exp read more

Beat It Percussion Research Contacts Sought

Beat It Percussion Research Contacts Sought read more

Bethany Drage - Research into Sound Bath Experiences

I am looking for participants who have taken part in a live sound bath to complete an online questionnaire. It is my third-year dissertation project, and I would greatly appreciate the help. The dissertation is centred around personal experiences from a live sound bath. read more

Singing No More Risky for COVID Than Talking, New Study Says

The performing arts has been badly affected during the coronavirus pandemic with live musical performances canceled for many months because singing was identified as a potential "higher risk" activity, but new research shows that singing does not produce more respiratory particles than when speakingat a similar volume. read more


Sound Travels Sound Forum, in common with other websites, is a platform to enable its Authors to submit Posts &amp Events. Posts and articles remain the property of the Author. As an enabling platform read more

Ringing the changes: why gong baths are coming to a gym near you

I first zoned out to a gong bath a decade ago in a north London yoga studio. I&rsquod turned up for the yoga, but ended up blissed out to the sound vibrations, keen for another hit. Back then, esti read more

From Richard Whitehart: Sound therapists Wanted

I am now organising the workshops for my annual event &ldquoGong Camp&rdquo and I am wanting sound therapists to join us on Saturday 8th July to run an hours workshop in the morning and then repeat th read more

World Sound Healing - Feb 14

EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF SACRED SOUND! 14th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY Feb. 14, 2016 WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Become a Sonic Co-Creator Join thousands throughout the planet on F read more

Train Passengers Sing Over The Rainbow

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0] if (d.getElementById(id)) return js = d.createElement(s) = id js.src = // read more

Help Wanted by Soesen Edan: Sound Therapy & Autism

Im on the hunt for sound therapists/healers that work with Autism.Im working with a small group of autistic young people and am being asked to work in this area more and more. I dont feel I re read more

Gong Problems - Help!

Dear sound healers. I need a bit of advice. I am afraid that I left my 32 Paiste gong hanging on it`s stand, and whilst I was away the gut snapped. I was shocked to see it on the floor, with a rathe read more

Sound Survey by Johnty Wilks

Johnty Wilks, a saxophonist who composes meditation music and conducts sound healing workshops with the saxophone is doing some research on new age/ meditation and chillout music genres - buying patte read more


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