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Ruby Larimar
My name is Ruby and I’m the founder of Holistic Ruby. I have clients all over the world, whom I work with on various levels, tailored to their individual needs. I’m passionate about what I do and it’s my fundamental belief that we should all consider the mind, body and Spirit as a whole when trying to make a life change.
My professional training has taken me down many diverse paths giving me practitioner and teacher qualifications in Crystal Therapy (ACHO), Shamanic Practice, Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Angelic Reiki, New Shamballa, Light Language, Gong Master, Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation, Sound Healing (CoSH), Group Sound and Voice Therapy (BAST) providing me with an amazingly holistic and balanced way of working with over a decade of practical experience in my 1:1 healing sessions, Teaching and Group Work. I strongly believe that sound and sound healing is the key to the new paradigm in understanding the human body and the multiverse.
I am a registered tutor with CoSH (The College of Sound Healing) facilitating the successful Sound Healing with The Voice (CoSH)® Practitioner Training course which has been running since 1998 via Zoom or In Person.
I facilitate 1:1 Multi-Dimensional Healing via Zoom or In Person, in London, to clear balance and realign any or all of our bodies, allowing our own intelligent energy to flow at its optimum efficiency thus promoting healing. My practice is very much aligned to the philosophy that provides empowerment to my clients so they can make the decisions and choices that are for their highest good and purpose, I am not here to heal you, I am here to help you live the life you came here to experience.
Tutor I Healer I Workshop Facilitator I Mentor 
Holistic Ruby

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The Role Sound Healing Plays In Our Health and Wellbeing

Everything in the multi-verse has its own sound with a specific vibration and frequency. We are no different. With the astrological shifts over the last couple of years transitioning us nearer to the age of Aquarius, there has become an increased awareness of our energy body and a desire to discover how to take better care of ourselves with a more holistic approach, honouring the fact we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not human beings becoming spiritual. read more


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