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Stefan Cartwright

Stefan Cartwright's experience ranges from electronic music composition to musical instrument development and includes working with sound in the local and wider community. The practice of Yoga has in?uenced his work, drawing him to more primal sound sources, including the gong and voice. He is a vocal student in the northern Indian raga tradition and performs improvised music, singing and playing with the acoustic trio Bardo Muse.

Stefan Cartwright

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Yoga and Music Festival

Coming soon, 31 May to 3 June, a family friendly festival celebrating Yoga and Music. The IYN Summer Yoga Festival is being held at the wonderful Gaunts House in Dorset Theres a wide range of Yo read more

The Rub

Dissonance results from friction and in turn creates friction. Without friction there is no life and life is movement. The easier we can allow ourselves to move freely with friction, the easier we ca read more

The Instrument of Listening

The great Tibetan master, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche said: &ldquoThe more and more you listen, the more and more you hear the more and more you hear, the deeper and deeper your understanding becomes.&rdq read more

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The Shruti Box

The Shruti Box is a friend and companion which has helped me to find my voice and develop my musical understanding. Wherever it goes, ears and eyes awaken. The Shruti Box is an Indian instrument wi read more

Jose Abreu on kids transformed by music

x Jose Antonio Abreu is the charismatic founder of a youth orchestra system that has transformed thousands of kids lives in Venezuela. Here he shares his amazing story and read more

M1 Shruti Box Demonstration

View a video demonstration of the M1 Shruti box. For more information about the M1 Shruti box visit this link. read more

Easy-Access Musical Instruments

I am writing a piece about easy-access musical instruments and would welcome your input. Over the last decade a range of new instruments and innovations on existing instruments have appeared which sou read more

Intuitive Music

The scenario: an open and supportive space where we are able to relax any notions of musical ability or playing right or wrong notes. We find ourselves engaged in a process of not doing anything excep read more

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LIVING SOUND : Music Practice

Weary of the news? No time for what you really care about? Fed-up with opinions from others on subjects such as: (a) How to prevent the planet from going down the plug-hole (b) How to achieve enlighte read more

LIVING SOUND : 17 October 2009 (Bees)

I recently heard a radio broadcast on BBC radio 4 about a project in Manchester to increase the population of honey bees. Bee keepers had been brought in to train allotment holders to start their own read more


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