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Mitch Nur
Mitch Nur, PhD has presented academic and experiential workshops and seminars on the therapeutic nature of sound for over 5 decades; and is regarded as one of North America's oldest and leading sound teachers and sound healers.

Founder of the Harmonic Therapy Association, senior instructor for the 9ways Academia, and assistant to visiting Tibetan Lamas and indigenous teachers. He regularly hosts programs on nearly 100 ceremonial and ritual indigenous sound instruments, and offers Master Classes on Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, and the Bonpo Shang.

His direct experience through field studies with numerous indigenous cultures, and his decades old training's with both Buddhist and Bön Lamas, has given him a unique perspective in preparing students to be a effective practician for therapy and transformation.

Mitch's lectures and demonstrations feature a extensive blend of history, science, and culture; with a hands on approach enabling students to not only fully grasp a subject, but to go beyond the academic to genuinely experiencing the discipline.

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The Great Shang That Destroys the Apostates

What is a Shang? It is the ritual upturned flat bell of central Asia, first used by the Shen; and today used by Spirit Mediums and shamans, and the monastics in the Yungdrung Bon. read more

The Quality of the Sound Worker

The Quality of the Sound Worker &copy2017 Mitch Nur, PhD The quality of a good sound worker has 2 aspects. The first aspect contributing to their quality is that they understand that their position read more

Sound as a Therapy: A Brief Historical Overview

The popularity of working with Sound in a therapeutic manner has been with us for at least 14,000 years. Evidence through Archeomusicology and Ethnomusicology provides a clear picture that today’s pop read more

Three Variables, Awareness-Intent-Intuition

In an earlier article I published entitled &ldquoSILENCE&rdquo, I wrote &ldquoFrom the perspective of a Sound Therapist, sound and silence must walk hand and hand, through this connection one can find read more

Second Thoughts, A Look at the Beliefs in Sound Therapy: Applying the View of Aristoxenos

Within the confines of the sound healing community, we find a wide variance of protocols in how sound is conducted in a therapeutic manner and sometimes there is no protocol followed whatsoever. Howev read more

Thoughts Regarding Entrainment

Thoughts Regarding Entrainment There has been much discussion on the physics phenomena of resonance known as entrainment in the sound healing community over the past 20 years or so. Much has been wri read more

Singing Bowls - Separating Truth from Myth

Singing Bowls - Separating Truth from Myth “We have come to an age where it is very hard to know which is truth and which is deceit” Bangambiki Habyarimana When we survey the sound instru read more


S I L E N C E &ldquoSilence is True Wisdom&rsquos; Best Reply&rdquo - Euripides Silence is a subject that I often bring up in my meditation and Dharma programs, but it is also a topic I address read more

The Gong - Separating Truth from Myth

A recent Gong Talk in front of a group of Gong enthusiasts brought some interesting dialog to the forefront, and I would like to share some of this dialog. Within the room that day and in many pr read more

Considerations in Presenting Ambient Mode Sound Therapy, part two

In many cases Ambient Mode sound therapy is conducted with the client laying down on a massage table, on the floor in Savasana (corpse pose), seven pointed meditation posture or sitting in a type of c read more

Considerations in Presenting Ambient Mode Sound Therapy, Part One

Now I will do nothing but listen . . . I hear all sounds running together, combined, fused or following, Sounds of the city and sounds out of the city, sounds of the day and night . . . Walt Whitman read more

Undertaking an Assessment of Sound Therapy Training

Two years ago I set out on a research project to better understand how Sound Therapy was being taught globally. My mission was to engage this directly, by meeting teachers, academics, evaluating confe read more

A Sound Journey to the Heart

We all share something in common, which is almost a rarity in todays world of discursive thinking. The belief that sound and music can change ones personal perspective, and more importantly their read more

Mitch Nur, Master of Harmonic Sound Therapy by Linda Sechrist

More than 100 students from Europe, as well as hundreds from across the U.S., have traveled to Quakertown, PA to learn about frequency domains, psycho-acoustical states, singing bowls, gongs, and the read more


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