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Anna Skelton
Andy & Anna are the founders of Peopletree Studios and The Gong Business School. They specialise in sound healing and enjoy collaborating with other teachers. Anna is passionate about The Gong and has played since 2011 and Andy makes and plays The Didgeridoo. He is also a keen guitarist and loves working with music production, particularly experimenting with the 432Hz frequency. He has made two albums - Minus8 and The Peopletree Chill Out Album (both available on all major music platforms). They travel around the world doing sound events. Their current venture is The Gong Business School - an online portal which can be accessed globally.
In the school they share with you everything you need to know to set up your own successful Gong Bath business. Everything from going on your own transformational journey, to playing the gong with confidence, the secret sauce to fill your gong baths, how to run gong baths in a myriad of international locations, how to do the marketing and other business considerations, how to buy the right gong for you. The list goes on of what they impart from their experience and previous career in TV marketing.
If you want to be part of the higher conscious collective through the power of sound, then click below for your taster training and registration. Look forward to connecting. Suitable for other sound healers and yoga teachers. Register Here.

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Anna trained to play The Gong with Mark Swan in the UK in 2011. Since she has also trained with Mehtab Benton, Harijiwan and Jens Zygar. Anna holds sound meditations around the world, including private retreats and on boats. read more


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