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Anna Skelton
Category: Gong Work


Anna trained to play The Gong with Mark Swan in the UK in 2011. Since she has also trained with Mehtab Benton, Harijiwan and Jens Zygar. Anna holds sound meditations around the world, including private retreats and on boats. The Gong takes one on a deeply relaxing journey and is also good for those who have a resistance to meditation. Each journey is different and aids the release of physical or emotional blocks. Suitable for all abilities, this hugely transformational instrument is played whilst lying down or seated.

The Didgeridoo is the perfect complement to The Gong. The sounds and vibrations work seamlessly together. Andy first learnt circular breathing and how to make his first didgeridoo with an Aboriginal in Australia. Passionate about the instrument from a young age, Andy plays live at music events, with DJ´s, at sound meditations, kirtans and runs workshops on how to Make and Play Didgeridoos. The Agave Tree flowers once in its life and Andy harvests these whilst preserving them in to this bewitching instrument.

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