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Gary Malkin
Gary Malkin is a multiple Emmy and ASCAP award-winning composer/producer and recording artist dedicated to making a difference in the world by creating musical resources and events that inspire the heart, bridge cross-cultural differences, and catalyze societal and individual healing. He has enjoyed a successful thirty-year career as a composer for mainstream media under the umbrella of his music production company, Musaic, for which he has composed many internationally released feature films, network television projects, and over a thousand commercials.
He is known for his contributions to socially responsible media projects such as all the media for the groundbreaking global project, Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium, as well as for the acclaimed Pachamama Alliance’s media projects. An in-demand public speaker and performer, Gary is passionate about the universal role music can play as a catalyst for healing, as well as for peace and an inclusive spirituality. He is the co-creator of the internationally acclaimed CD/book, Graceful Passages, A Companion for Living and Dying, released by his life-enhancing media production company, Wisdom of the World, This groundbreaking CD/book features his signature style of content delivery combining spoken wisdom with film score quality music, offering a contemplative listening platform for emotional and spiritual intelligence. By designing an aesthetic way to experience the spoken messages from the world’s known and unknown visionaries, thousands have claimed that they were able to face their life transitions with more mindfulness, presence, and compassion after using this resource.
Malkin is preparing to launch a new concept in short format media that he calls WisdomFilms™. This format will be viewed on contemporary digital platforms, targeted to those seeking greater meaning and connection in their lives. Gary is also the founder, (along with music healing pioneer Michael Stillwater), of the non-profit organization, Companion Arts, dedicated to integrating greater humanity and compassion into the world’s institutions, currently through a national care-for-the-caregiver psycho spiritual educational initiative, Care for the Journey, designed for the healthcare professional’s need for renewal and rejuvenation. Under this program, he has been asked to present at Harvard’s Conferences on Spirituality and Healing numerous times.
As a writer, he is represented in an Oxford University Press’ compilation entitled A Time for Listening and Caring: Spirituality at the End of Life. He has served as the Artistic Director for the Quest for Global Healing international conferences, (which featured Archbishop Desmond Tutu, among other Nobel Laureates), as well as for the 2005 Noetic Sciences International Conference on Health and Consciousness. Recently, Malkin was the only American to perform in a national cultural festival at the Great Hall of China, featured as a leading exponent in the field of music and healing, televised nationally during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Commissioned as the music consultant and theme composer for the global broadcast phenomenon, Pangaea Day, (created by TED founder and curator, Chris Anderson), he continues to compose for mainstream media.
Through his performances, presentations and recordings, he is dedicated to promoting an essential role for music and the arts in education, healthcare, and in the greater society as a tool for consciousness, reconciliation and global healing.

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