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Gary Malkin
from: Gary Malkin
Category: Sound Healing

Transformational Media Expert

Gary Malkin is an Emmy Award---winning . composer/producer and visionary entrepreneur. He is also one of the most  knowledgeable Transformational Media experts in the United States. Articulate about the healing role music and media can  play as a catalyst for greater humanity and a more inclusive spirituality, he is committed to creating new ways in which music,  media and the arts can awaken greater sustainable human behavior in our world.  

Layering music, spoken wisdom and immersive video imagery, Gary is a pioneer in the emerging genre of “Inner---tainment,” and  will debut a new series of “WisdomFilms™” through his company Wisdom of the World in the autumn of 2010.  

For nearly thirty years, he has created soundtracks for socially responsible media projects involving the environmet, AIDS and  Cancer fundraising, and social justice films. He is the composer for the media utilized in the sustainability phenomenon,  Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, which has recently been awarded representation by the globally famous Weiden and  Kennedy as its Advertising Agency of Record. Created by the non-­-profit, The Pachamama Alliance, the Symposium has been  called one of the most important projects on the planet by author and Thought Leader Paul Hawken, largely because of its  capacity to successfully educate and transform its audience on issues of environmental, social and spiritual sustainability.  

Recently, we have seen the formation of influential transformational media organizations, including the industry-­-acknowledged  Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, (GATE). GATE was formed with the initial support of people such as actor  Jim Carrey, author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, and Visioneering Founder John Raatz, among many other entertainment  professionals. This transformational media movement has been attracting influential directors, producers, and production  companies in the recognition that the time has come to create media that provides a meaningful and positive impact on  individuals, our communities, and our planet. At the inaugural GATE event, the only media that was featured was a  WisdomFilm™ produced by Gary Malkin with award-­-winning cinematographer, Louis Schwartzberg of Blacklight Films.    

Gary Malkin is an exceptional, credible interview and is exemplary in his ability to engage and inspire an audience. His  insights and expertise regarding the role of music and the arts in education, healthcare, and in the greater society as a tool for  reconciliation, spiritual and emotional integration, and global healing make him an ideal candidate for on-­-camera interviews  and professional commentary.    

Timely Suggested Interview Topics Include:  

Coping with Cultural Grief  9/11, Katrina, the Tsunami, Haiti, the Global Recession and the Gulf Oil Spill-­--­-our culture has been barraged by massive  experiences of grief and loss over the last decade. Without even being aware of it, most people in the world today  are starving for tools to help them turn grief and loss into acceptance, inspiration and compassion. Find out what people  are turning to for survival.    

That’s “Inner---tainment”  Combining music with spoken wisdom and video has created a whole new media category: “Inner---tainment.” It allows  audiences to listen, look, think and feel more deeply, and assists in the digestion of the ‘nutrients’ -­- the core, embedded  messages --- . to be assimilated by the most effective human resource-­--­-the heart. Learn how this works scientifically, and  witness the effects yourself.        

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