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Joy Hicklin-Bailey
Joy Hicklin-Bailey facilitates deeply transformational Secret Garden Trainings and weekends in UK and worldwide. The main power of her work comes from the energetic, a dedication since childhood to love and truth. Joy’s passion is to facilitate freedom and simple happiness, the love her clients already are, empowering beingness, power, joy, love and abundance. She loves to create spaces where deep trust, challenge, acceptance, community, nurturing and an appreciation of the simple and sacred in life can be experienced.
In private practice one to one and with couples, and as a group leader, she uses leading edge skills accumulated through years of study in Huna shamanic healing in Hawaii, Jungian psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy, coaching, astrological counselling, NLP, intimacy and sexuality work and effective communication, Releasing and Self-Inquiry, combined with insights from life experiences of a deeply transformational nature. The work embraces the richest personal and spiritual development territory available.

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Polarity is inevitable – yet a rose doesn’t argue with the wind

See the accompanying video at World and nature Polarity and dualism are what the world andmind- as opposed to the natural reality of being – comprises. World is cre read more

Forgiveness, Hooponopono & how they relate to your awakening and freedom

You are Love. Yet, during the apparent journey intoconsciousness, when you get freer from the tyranny of the robotic mind and morefully embodied, more present in the physical body, you may well be read more

How does Consciousness in Your Lovemaking Grow You?

The energetic exchange that happens in lovemaking is a gateway to profound transformation. At this time, it is perhaps appropriate for spiritual values to be lived in ordinary life, to be celebrated i read more

Sex is Life, Life is sex - How does this help you have a rich and ever-fresh love life?

Sex is Life, Life is sex. All creative expression in life, allbeingness, has sexual energy at its root. Life is simply the interplay ofmasculine and feminine energy. Life is a dance of masculine consc read more

Lomi Lomi and Living a Soulful Life

When you book a Lomi Lomi massage, or aplace on a retreat you may not consciously be intending to heal deep ancestral or childhood patterning in order to bring light into your cells and embody divini read more

Joyful Loving and Your keys to Awakened Intimacy

How You Make the Love that You are What a wonderful privilege it is to work with the Joyful Loving ongoing circles (new training starts Sept 28 2012). One thing which fascinated me was how e read more

What are the Benefits of LomiLomi

What are the Benefits of LomiLomi - the Hawaiian shamanic ritual and deep massage? &lsquoLomilomi is a profound rite of passage, an initiation. It is a spiritual healing which leads to physical and e read more

Circle Work

I have been working in the shamanic circle for over eighteen years, it is a place I love to be, a place I love to share. What we uncover in the circle is our shared humanity and as our heart opens in read more


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