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Lomi Lomi and Living a Soulful Life

When you book a Lomi Lomi massage, or aplace on a  retreat you may not consciously be intending to heal deep ancestral or childhood patterning in order to bring light into your cells and embody divinity in ordinary life.  

You may be more focused on relaxationfrom work pressures, stress-relief, physical vitality or maintenance orrelieving bodily discomfort.

You will undoubtedly experience extraordinary opening and healing effects from the ancient chanting work, excellent companionship with kindred spirits, great tenderness, authentic heart based conversation, deep relaxation of body and mind, lots of laughter, a sense of being able to let go and be held by your facilitator and a loving community, throughout the retreat.

Nevertheless, when you makethe choice to receive Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian massage, you are likely (on a soullevel) to be ready for very significant, yet ease-ful and grace-ful, lifetransformation.


Secret Garden Lomi Lomi focuses on the awakening and conscious embodiment of spirit, the divine, God intelligence, in the physical body. The intention is to bring light into thecells of the body, the bones, organs, into your recent or long gone lifeexperiences and ancestral history. Not all Lomi Lomi does this.

 The chants carry the highest vibration. The chnats chant you. the chants invoke integration of body, heart and soul. The chants invoke enlightenment of all that you are. they literally chnage the vibratory rate of the cells of your body, they transform your nearology so that the body is ready to awaken and live life awake, so that Love and Truth are the natural way you engage with life.

The fundamental physicalmovements of Sacred Lomi are endless circles and infinity symbols (figures ofeight), which encourage integration between the left and right hemispheres ofthe brain. This can safely release deep-seated, repressed memories andemotions. Then, space is made in the body and in consciousness for new positivenatural feelings and beneficial subconscious thoughts.


The Lomi Lomi massage andyour consciously chosen intentions as a receiver, the Pule (prayer) of yourgivers and the energetic work Joy Hicklin-Bailey does prior to and during andafter the retreat will release anything that is no longer in alignment withyour stated outcomes and perhaps more importantly your highest soul truth. Theenergy field of the retreat, the flowing, nourishing movements of Lomi Lomicleanse cellular memories, support their safe release and the preservation of importantlife learnings and transform the vibrations of the body with light, andunconditional love and aloha.


On an energetic level, thereis an energetic transmission that comes through the experienced practitionerfrom the ancestral lineage of ancient Lomi Lomi.


In your Secret Garden lomi retreat, youare supported to release the past and come fully into the present, into all thenatural gifts of living a soulful life.

On a physical and emotionallevel, you are nurtured in a totally safe way, and can let go physically andmentally, as the practitioner continually allows love and aloha to flow throughyou. You as a participant experience total support in your process and allexperiences.


The healing process thatoccurs can extend beyond your known lifetime. Your DNA carries patterning fromour ancestors, much of it in the bones. So in a lomi lomi retreat you are notjust celebrating your own life; you are embracing a connection to many otherlives, potentially your own past lives and those of your ancestors’, releasingwhat is no longer needed. These ancient connections, when you are in harmoniousalignment with them, allow a flow of aloha and positive energy into your ownlife and its circumstances.


No conscious or verbalprocessing is necessary in Lomi Lomi and that can be a wonderful benefit. Oftenwhen you are receiving you will not be consciously aware of what you arereleasing. Or it may sometimes appear as if ‘nothing’ really happened duringthe session, but your stated outcome for your initiatory journey will beenergised and all in its way released. Sometimes very strong memories mayappear while you are held by two givers. You can relax and allow the life inyou to express, knowing nothing need be done about it at all. You can surrenderand enjoy the beautiful flowing movements that replicate the wind and ocean oftropical Hawaii.  Profound transformation may occur after a session,quietly, privately, in ordinary life.


Receiving the work as part ofthe learning allows the practitioner to experience for themselves the releasingand the integration of love and light. This practice of receptivity translatesinto how the work is applied.  As a  Lomi Lomi giver or practitioneryou learn how to surrender into a receptive space, be fully present for the oneon the table, how to see the beauty and innocence of another, how to listenwith body, heart and soul for messages, knowings, and support from the earth,guides, lineage, spirit and the body they are working on.  All is one.


What is extraordinary is thatyou receive while giving to another. The endless invoking of the infinity sign(figure eight) and the ocean in the movement and intention of the giver meansthat you receive as much as you give, you are one with all creation and givingsimply nourishes you. The lomi practitioner learns how essential self-care is,that the giver is taken care of first.


We often sit in circle afterlomi so that a short gentle sharing about your experience –maybe silence or aword or phrase if you wish – can be witnessed by the whole group. The circlegrounds and anchors all your experiences and symbolises that essentially all isone, that as unique human beings with unique life journeys we are intimatelyconnected and wholly deserving of unconditional witnessing and aloha.


No experience is necessary,this retreat is suitable for all and gives all exactly what is needed. Forthose interested in learning Lomi Lomi, the process invites you to receive andexperience this for themselves. Energy practitioners, nurses, those interestedin their own evolution, as well as experienced massage therapists benefitdeeply from learning and receiving Lomi Lomi.


In this retreat you learn tobless all existence. Extending aloha to all in creation without judgement. Lomiteaches an endless embrace of all that is within and without, above and below.


Book your place now on thelomi Lomi retreat, Sat May 19 2pm-Tues May 22 4pm, special offer for holisticmagazine readers, email,visit,call 07866 470238

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