Kirsten Grønn

Kirsten Grønn
Kirsten Wiingaard Grønn is an educated steiner-pedagog as well as a music teacher and music therapist. She has more than 30 years of experience with music and people in all ages. After numeral years of teaching in waldorf schools and other projects, she currently works as a music therapist in a nursing home for elderly people in Oslo, who are suffering in various degrees from dementia and other physical and mental burdens and disabilities, and therefore have different needs. The work is considered as supportive, and sometimes partly alternative to medical treatmeant. Alongside this she is conducting a mixed happy grown-up choir, teaching the guitar, and since recently (after 10 years of training) also the medical qigong (Biyun-method), originally a Chinese training which also is a very musical way of attending to your health, in the way you consentrate on listening to (being aware of) your body! In her spare time she arranges monthly improvisation sessions, to explore the nature of listening and spontanious musical creation in a group where the only ’holding form’ is the mutual respect for each other, intending to give both one self and each other space. These events are to her and the group always surprisingly different and each one a marvellous journey, giving much joy and also inspiration for daily work!


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Music Therapy on TV in Norway

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