Musical nutrition in school

It is amazing to see how music can lift and open the minds of immature 11 year old school kids. How they can let go of repeatedly arguing, questioning, interrupting and resisting both general communication and education, and just let themselves into the musical water. It is such a relief as a teacher to look into these eyes, voices and movements - and see how they relax and rejoice altogether in a harmonious, rhythmical groove, or a quiet hummed tune. No explanation is needed, why this is worth doing, it just feels good. So we just do it. And it leaves the taste for more. And what else: Cooperation is mutually functioning. Acceptance and affection is shared. Worthiness is even and obvious. In this complicated, distracted and disturbed world. Thank you, music! And then, the dessert: math and history moves so much better along with the brain after a daily musical shower. Says the pleased music-therapeutical teacher!

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