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Jenna Monroe
Jenna Monroe, singer and pianist, is a proponent of the healing power of music and the voice. She understands that each person’s voice is as unique as their finger print and is a many layered composite of every experience they have ever had. The voice literally says it all. Jenna finds it a source of endless fascination and passionately believes that the liberation of the voice is a vital key to the liberation of the self through free and full expression.

After attaining an honours degree in singing performance in the United States, Jenna qualified as a music therapist at the University of Bristol. Immediately following her own training, she was employed by U of B to deliver the vocal module to the music therapy students who followed for several years thereafter. This was alongside her four year independent apprenticeship with Peter Wright to learn the myriad uses specifically of ‘toning’ – simply put,  vibrational healing physically and psychically by accessing the life force through the voice to connect us to ourselves and everything around us.

Always incorporating every exploration into a singular focus, Jenna draws from her trainings in EFT, the Wave Form, Buddhist-based core process psychotherapy and Reiki III. She also had extensive improvisational training with radical Fool, Jonathan Kay and of course includes contemporary vocal technique. This has resulted in a unique and eclectic synthesis which continues to evolve and with which she has helped hundreds of people find and use their voices with confidence and joy.

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