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The Stroud Sacred Music Festival

The Stroud Sacred Music Festival at St Laurence Church, Stroud, has become an iconic event in the Stroud calendar, bringing a world class line-up of global musicians year after year since 2015

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Jen Wilson (Vocal Nectar), Sacred Singer, Sound Alchemist and Soul Voice Empowerment Guide, is honoured to present:
Transformational Sound Therapy III, How to Use Sound and The Voice to Harmonise Your Body, Calm Your Mind and Empower Your Life.
Featuring Jill Mattson, Don Estes, Don Conreaux, Nestor Kornblum, MarySol Gonzalez Sterling, John White, Clive de Carle, John Stuart Reid, Sharry Edwards, Silvia Nakkach, Don Tolman, Mandara Cromwell, Lyz Cooper, James DAngelo, Tobias Kaye, Tareth and many more...
In this, the first and original online summit of its kind, now in its THIRD phase, our unique, colloquium of 26+ leading pion

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The beautiful Matara Centre is a unique Cotswold events venue in Gloucestershire (7 miles south of Stroud) dedicated to the wellbeing of peopleand place. It is a healing centre for harmony, music/sound and nature.
Its owner states: &ldquoThrough our work together we open up the possibility of being able to live in a state of harmony and balance and to conduct ourselves in loving caring ways. This provides the foundation for partnerships and collaborations within our relationships at home , at work and our communities. This for us is wellbeing and the full expression of the human spirit.&rdquo
Now he is offering to musicians and sound healers at no cost to them a wonderful expansive space with a glass dome that has superior acoustics to present their concerts and courses.
At present weekend courses have to be limited to the time frame of October to March while evening events could be year round. It is well worth a visit to the centre to see for yourself and meet the owner who wo

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Sound Therapy in the field of Pregnancy and Birth

Sound and Birth
The way we are born has an effect on our entire lives.
The circumstances surrounding the times before, during and immediately after birth can influence the way we grow up physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Sound therapy can prove to be very effective as a tool for both birth preparation and postpartum due to its deeply relaxing effect on the nervous system.
For some (probably many), pregnancy can be a time of difficulty at many levels. The body can go through various challenges and all sorts of emotions can be stirred up.
Having restorative tools at one’s disposal in this delicate time can help prepare for such a profound event. The soothing effect of sound healing tools such as tuning forks and singing bowls can be of precious help in calming and stabilising the nervous system* and promoting feelings of safety and confidence.
During the actual birth, using vocal toning to accompany the necessary physical movements is also a powerful way of supporting one’

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Sound Wisdom Retreat

Join Chloe Goodchild for an in-depth retreat, 1-5 June 2022

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Living Presence - A Community of Sound

We invite you to co-create this sonorous, pioneering, collaborative, deep listening field: Living Presence – A Community of Sound.

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From: Ruby Larimar
Ruby Larimar

The Role Sound Healing Plays In Our Health and Wellbeing

Everything in the multi-verse has its own sound with a specific vibration and frequency. We are no different. With the astrological shifts over the last couple of years transitioning us nearer to the age of Aquarius, there has become an increased awareness of our energy body and a desire to discover how to take better care of ourselves with a more holistic approach, honouring the fact we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not human beings becoming spiritual.

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Tibetan Singing Bowl Choir run by Michael & Candida

Michael & Candida are forming a Choir of Singing Bowls around the Frome, Glastonbury, Bath Area

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From: Gavin Frank
Gavin Frank

Sound: The Primal Force

We are living in challenging times with the last few years being full of distress, grief and chaos for many. What can we do for ourselves and our own mental health? In my experience sound and voice has been an essential as well as immense gift and tool for my own well being. To be able to sing oneself from fear into a place of deep peace very simply by chanting a mantra for 10 mins, or vocalising the deepest longing or singing out a song of ecstatic joy can be the best medicine.

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From: Selma Studer
Selma Studer

A Brief Look at the History of Gongs

By Selma Studer, Founder of GONG (, a London-based sound healing provider offering gong baths and training in person and online. It’s amazing how an instrument as ancient as a gong can be such a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life. But have you ever wondered what gongs were used for throughout history, and where they originated? Let’s take a little look back:

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From: Steven Ash
Steven Ash

Sacred Drumming Medicine Path 2

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The Mystery Of Buying A Musical Instrument

For most people buying a musical instrument is a mystery. Beginners have the greatest difficulty but even the experienced dont find this kind of decision easy.
For the novice there are plenty of cheap, poorly made instruments, many of which unfortunately are very poor value for money. They are often made with questionable materials in unregulated factories. It can be very difficult for the untrained ear to tell the difference between a cheap knock-off and one made with skill, care and attention.
As for the advanced performer, deciding to pay &pound1,000s, this is a huge decision fraught with difficulty. There are many very good musical instruments available, for example gongs, with an excellent sound. Which one will be the best for you? Then there is the question of the forging of a longterm relationship with the instrument: This will be your sound for the forseeable future. Is this the right sound for me?
So there are many things to think about. Your primary thought should be t

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From: Alex Gardner
Alex Gardner

Buying Your First Gong

Fantastic, so you have decided to buy your first gong? Well done! They are amazing instruments and will provide you with a lifetime of joy. However, they are expensive and truly unique so choosing the right one for you can be a minefield.

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From: Steven Ash
Steven Ash

Sacred Drumming Medicine Path Cards

Sacred Drumming is moving into its next phase

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Is our music out of tune?

The ups and downs of tuning our musical instruments with equal temperament

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Are You Thinking What Next For 2022?

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Brainwave Entrainment and Psychoacoustics

The use of Auditory Beat Stimulation (ABS) such as binaural, monaural and isochronic beats falls into the field of study called psychoacoustics. The research conducted so far, although not conclusive, has provided evidence that the effects of ABS can be registered in the brain. Some say that the response evoked in the brain (or brainwave entrainment) does not have a real effect on emotional and psychological states whereas others have observed significant results. As with any other field of research, the more experiments will be conducted under rigorous conditions, the more we will understand the effects of ABS. However, there is already enough evidence that ABS, also combined with music, can influence states such as stress and anxiety.

Psychoacoustics is the study of the perception of sound and the responses of the brain to the stimuli of sound waves.
Brainwave Entrainment refers to the brain’s electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound or l

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Where Are Your Old Cassettes?

I am a PhD candidate at Oxford and an independent music researcher currently looking into networks of visionary, ambient, electronic, and healing music from the 1970s through the 1990s. My project explores the roll that cassettes played in the production, distribution, and community life of this under-recognized movement.

Im currently on the hunt for cassette releases from this era that can expand the horizons of my research. Have you held onto any that meet the above description? Are you a musician with unsold stock of your own cassette releases? Are they languishing in boxes, attics, or storage units? If so, please get in touch. Donations are warmly welcomed, and purchases are feasible. I would love to learn more about you, your music, or the music of others with whom you crossed paths.
Contant me :

Warmest wishes,

Solomon Adler

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Back To Gong School

Are You On The Register

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From: Rod Paton
Rod Paton

The Complete Lear Nonsense Alphabets

The Complete Lear Nonsense Alphabets Rod Paton

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