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Poetry of the Soul in 8 movements

Poetry of the Soul in 8 movements is my second book of poems and I offer it as it came to me after 5 shamanic journeys with the Tama-do Academy. The book is an entire journey and here is a link to it:

The 8 movements are :

1.  The alchemy of inspiration

2.  The joy of synchronicity

3.  The fire of transformation

4.  The mission

5.  The tribe: mother to daughter, daughter to mother

6.  Son to mother, mother to son

7.  Father to son- son to father

8.  Father to daughter- daughter to father

There is some dissonance in there, and much joy as that is the nature of the journey.

Each movement was arrived at literally though movement. As a Tama-do practitioner we practise qigong (movement with intention) every day and teach it because it helps to ground us in our practise.

I danced the alchemy of inspiration and was inspired to write the poems in that movement. This is how the whole book came about, even down to the movement: father to daughter- daughter to father.

As I ‘dance’, I connect through silence to my inner ear and I hear the music of the stars, not so much music as in melody, but a hum like the hum of a fridge. This is what I try to capture in the poem: Shaman’s journey:

“What sounds are those?” say I to Maple? “That’s the symphony of stars,”  says Maple to me.

Maple is the tree near where I practise qigong and movement. And one important truth in all of this is that nature connects us to the divine and can enable us to heal if we want it. That is also in the poem.

Poetry is so close to sound and music in language that I don’t separate them. Sappho for example, composed a lot with the help of a lyre and I compose on what ever is available mostly banjo, dulcimer, ukulele, piano. It depends on the poem or more specifically, the song.

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