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The Great Shang That Destroys the Apostates

What is a Shang? It is the ritual upturned flat bell of central Asia, first used by the Shen; and today used by Spirit Mediums and shamans, and the monastics in the Yungdrung Bon. read more

Tuning the Human Body

Before playing any composition, musicians tune their instruments carefully because they know that such a precise process ensures a high quality of music. Human tuning The human body is th read more

Singing Bowls - Separating Truth from Myth

Singing Bowls - Separating Truth from Myth “We have come to an age where it is very hard to know which is truth and which is deceit” Bangambiki Habyarimana When we survey the sound instru read more

Harmonies for the Soul

I am so happy to launch my album Harmonies for the Soul - Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.Hope you enjoy this video, please share with your friends and spread the word, thank you. With so much joy &a read more

Tuning Forks for Health

Nestor Kornblum is co-founder and co-director of both theSpanish and the International Associations of Sound Therapy. He has workedtirelessly over the last 12 years to promote the use of Sound and Ove read more

First Ever, Sounding Bowl Raffle

If we all put our hearts into it, Could a healing sound stop the rain and bring back our Summer? Win this gorgeous Heart Bowl in warm red Ashwood and have a go. The harmony of its read more

Experiences with Sounding Bowls

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Sounding Bowls are simple instruments. Results are remarkable. Some put it down to tone, some to shape or looks, others to a combin read more

Remembering the Whole

In our work with sound vibration known as the Acutonics methodology, our intention is to help people remember on a physiological and psychological level what it is to be whole. Regardless of our cult read more

Acutonics® Sound Healing & The Music of the Spheres

Acutonics&reg is an integrated approach to natural health that incorporates ancient Taoist teachings of the meridians, pre-meridians, and the immortal body with sound. Developed at the Kairos Institut read more

Everything One Needs to Know About Tibetan Singing Bowls

Our mind and soul are always in peace when they believe in religious concepts and ambiance linked with it. People adopt several methods in order to concentrate and pray to god. Buddhists use Tibetan S read more

The Voice of the Sounding Bowl

Extracted from the book &ldquoLonely Waters&rdquo, proceedings from the conference at Sobell House, Oxford, England. 1994 Editors Comments I was first introduced to the Sounding Bowl when I b read more

Sounding Bowls - A New Instrument of Healing

Sounding Bowls are a unique and modern instrument used in hospices and healing centres across the world. Within a Sounding Bowl bronze wound strings are stretched across richly figured Cherry, Sycamor read more


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