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Everything One Needs to Know About Tibetan Singing Bowls

Our mind and soul are always in peace when they believe in religious concepts and ambiance linked with it. People adopt several methods in order to concentrate and pray to god. Buddhists use Tibetan Singing Bowls in order to concentrate and mediate. This singing bowl has come from places like Tibet, China, India, Bhutan and Nepal.
Singing bowl has become very popular and is wide spread in the trade routes. There is a thought that, Buddha, Padmasambhava, may have traveled from India to Tibet. There is no prove about the time when singing bowls came into practice, but it is believed that in India it came nearly 3000 years ago and while in Tibet 1000 year ago.
There are many beliefs regarding the use of Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls. Many believe that singing bowls were not initially utilized for religious practises but used as begging bowls and for food. During this time, the monasteries only used the singing bowl as a chalice. There are stories that travelling smiths used to make bowls from the materials they gathered during their journeys. While others believe, it was the creation of the monks. The singing bowls are in fact considered to be special type of bells. Instead of hanging inverted or attached to a handle, they are standing bells sitting on the bottom. Apart from this contradiction, these bowl were and still now used for mediation and is treated as a sacred thing.
The Tibetan Singing Bowls is generally made up of different metals such as gold, silver, mercury, copper, tin and iron. It was also made from the remains of meteorites. The sound made by the singing bowls entirely depends on its composition of make up. The different metals are mixed as a result alloy get formed and then they are left down to cool down and finally the cooled alloy is beaten up to make a bowl. As it is thought that, the bowls are made of seven different metals some even say that there may be more than that as the one made by smith. It is said that the ancient bowls produce a larger sound than that of the today bowl as they were made of rich metals.
The modern singing bowls are often made by pouring metals in a cast. These singing bowls are smoother and generally easier to play. Hand hammered bowls are also available in the market but the tradition of ancient bowls are still considered to be divine. Playing a singing bowl is quite easy and anyone is able to play most bowls in less than five minutes.
How can you play the Tibetan Singing Bowls so that the sound it produces is in rhythm? You need to simply circle a stick around the outside of the Tibetan singing bowl and you can produce the rhythm. When you start circling initially, you can hear a hum but when you continue for long this humming sound increases. It does not only produce humming sound but also produce multi-phonic sounds along with multiple harmonic overtones. This is all because of the use of different alloy mixtures to make the bowl. Even the modern bowls can produce this sounds provided they are made up of good quality bronze but nowadays they use a cheap alloy to make bowls so only monophonic sound is produced .
The main use of Tibetan singing bowl is in meditation and it creates such an environment in the surroundings that one can concentrate very deeply. You can even use the singing bowl in the yoga classes where someone else plays it that helps you to concentrate in classes. The sound produced by this singing bowls is so pleasant and effective that it can keep the bad souls away from you and thus all the trouble vanishes.
It is a belief of the Buddhist to use this bowls but you can even use this outside. In the west, they are more popular due to present of Buddhist there and even for a yoga exercise. You can even produce the water memory effects by the help of singing bowls. As you play this bowls with multiple sounds then the vibration is produced in the water. You can even gift these Tibetan Singing Bowls as a sign of grace.

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