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Sound Healing in Bulgaria

Sacred Drumming in Bulgaria read more

Walking The Sacred Wheel, The Shaman Within

An all encompassing homestudies course created by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free (Honourary Elder, Seer and High Priestess with 30 years experience as a practising Shaman, Teacher and Healer) and in partnership with Sacred Circles Institute, CA, USA. read more

Music as Therapeutic Communication

This exciting opportunity is being offered following several years of work and research b yDr John Cornwall and Dr Trish Vella-Burrows, into music as therapeutic and community engagement to enhance wellbeing and quality of life.The Department of Professional Development is working with the Sidney de Haan Centre for Arts and Health to offer this postgraduate certificate. read more

The Loft Trust, Music Parlour – Series Two: Music and Sound Events in Crouch End

“A new seasonal mix of non-mainstream music, sound, cross- art work, sound-energy practice, concerts and workshops curated by a variety of series' directors – each with their own unique vision for a mini festival of three events, in three months”. read more


OPEN DAY The air around Hawkwood College will be alive with sound on the annual Open Day on Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May. Tobias Kaye will bring his amazing sounding bowls, beautifully crafted with read more

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