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Invitation to The Next Level Science of Sound Healing

Discover how to Heal Yourself & Evolve your Consciousness through the Power of Frequency Medicine & Cymatics read more

Back To Gong School

Are You On The Register read more

Sound Healing in Bulgaria

Beware - Beware - Beware teachers of Sound Healing Teodora Getsova of the Bulgarian Institute of Sound Healing-BIZT (This Teodora should not be confused with anyone else of this or a similar name). read more

Walking The Sacred Wheel, The Shaman Within

The amazing and profoundly life enhancing teachings of the four corners of the globe are brought together in this fantastic correspondence course. This is a fully accredited course, that is designed t read more

Music as Therapeutic Communication

This exciting opportunity is being offered following several years of work and research b yDr John Cornwall and Dr Trish Vella-Burrows, into music as therapeutic and community engagement to enhance read more

The Loft Trust, Music Parlour – Series Two: Music and Sound Events in Crouch End

&ldquoA new seasonal mix of non-mainstream music, sound, cross- art work, sound-energy practice, concerts and workshops curated by a variety of series directors &ndash each with their own unique vis read more


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