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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
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Sound Healing in Bulgaria

Beware - Beware - Beware teachers of Sound Healing Teodora Getsova of the Bulgarian Institute of Sound Healing-BIZT (This Teodora should not be confused with anyone else of this or a similar name).
Teodora Getsova is inviting sound healing teachers from the UK, Europe and America to run courses for her organisation. She pays the flight costs, collects money from students for the course, hires the cheapest hotel and seminar facilities and pockets the money without paying the teachers.
If you wish to learn the art of forgiveness this is a wonderful opportunity.
I ran an Eight Day Sacred Drumming Intensive with her organisation in June just after summer solstice.

We agreed to a fee of 500 Euro per day for the eight day course plus expenses. She paid the airfare but suspiciously kept making mistakes in the advanced payments.

On the first day there was a shouting match between Teodora and another participant Melina Krumova, who runs a music school in Sofia, Melina was refusing to pay her course fee plus the fees of five others that she had brought along with her.

On day 3 Teodora Getsova of BIZT showed us bank documents saying that she had paid 1700 euro into our Sacred Drumming account where in fact it was 170 euro and she had tampered with the paper work adding a zero!

The translator for the course whose day job is in financial trading saw this was the case and exposed the fraud openly to the group.

It transpired that Melina was only willing to pay me the fee because BIZT had not paid previous teachers and those teachers had been communicating this to her via email. One of these is Chloe Goodchild. 

I am awaiting a response from Chloe to confirm her also having been defrauded.

I will get the names of the other teachers before we act from here.

We need to make a clear message to the teachers of Sound Healing in Europe and America that Teodora Getsova of BIZT is not good news.

We did have a very powerful and positive outcome.

Since the fraud was exposed during the course the remaining eight participants grouped together and internally dealt with Teodora severely, undertaking by law to ensure that she ceases to trade.

And as a group they are creating their own sound healing organisation based upon the College of Sound Healing model, i.e a circle with a committee (it will be good to have your input on this)

Renata and I have been invited to return to Sofia in October to financially catch up with our loss.

I got paid for my airfare, the unpaid sum from Melina and from another participant, so I am not totally out of pocket.

Fraudulent behaviour has been exposed and can be dealt with.

Melina was very courageous in confronting this issue since her objective is to recover the lost payments for the other international teachers.

The main issue that I wish to communicate is to spread the word as widely as possible about Teodora Getsova so that no more sound healing teachers get caught up in her web.

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