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Alicia Davies
As 2012 drew to a close, events in Alicia Davies’s life were already setting the stage for an entirely new direction. A performer and percussionist for some 25 years, personal trauma in that most significant year triggered a desire to explore the world of sound as a means of recovering her equilibrium.

Her first experience of a gong bath with gong guru Mark Swan ensured that her journey of sound had begun. In one moment, she had found both her teacher and the means of giving expression to her esoteric/spiritual side. Thereafter, she was led by a series of synchronicities to step fully into the role of gong master, and today, as well as continuing to perform and collaborate with other musicians, Alicia runs sell out group sound bath sessions in various locations in London and around the U.K. with a strong focus on reconnecting people to the heart and soul of our beautiful planet.

This Earth-centred approach is behind her choice to work under the name of Earth Song Sound Healing. As an artist, writer, and musician, Alicia’s playing style is a little different. After a guided visualisation on a specific theme, she uses planet gongs to ‘paint’ with vibration and frequency; seamlessly blending tones and accents to create sonic experiences of great depth and power.

She combines the resonant sounds of Gongs with Tibetan and Nepalese Singing Bowls and other therapeutic instruments, including tongue drums, chimes, a giant Venezuelan Rain-stick and the West African Kora. ‘It is truly the greatest honour to be doing this kind of work both for Earth and Humanity at such a momentous time.

"My Gong Bath Sound Sanctuary sessions are as much a pleasure for me as they are helpful to others, and I feel an enormous sense of privilege every time I take my place behind my beautiful instruments. I look forward to continuing to play my part in the transformations to come, and I do firmly believe, as Edgar Cayce said, that sound will be the future of medicine."

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