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Alicia Davies
Category: Gong Work

Sounding The Soul

People all over the world have definitely woken up to the power of sound to help with wellbeing. Gong Baths are now commonplace, as are crystal bowl and tuning fork sessions. Gongs and bowls have been an essential part of my life since 2012, but for the last little while I have been getting a very strong nudge from the universe to facilitate workshops in which the human voice takes the starring role.

Your voice tells stories about you: where you come from, what kind of emotions you are feeling, and whether you are well, confident or shy. In normal life, we don't think about it a great deal. And yet, your voice has the ability to deliver a kind of internal massage for your cells, and because it is uniquely yours, your body, mind and spirit will respond with greater energy - no matter whether you have singing skills or not. In fact, it is not about singing, but sounding: using your vocal chords to vibrate your cells, not to create angelic melodies (though that can happen). Giving yourself permission to SOUND is immensely empowering, especially if you are still carrying the trauma of having been told you couldn't carry a tune.

It's a beautiful way to affirm your life force. It relaxes and soothes, and irons out the kinks.  It stimulates your immune system, alleviates depression, and causes an uplift in mood without the need for artificial stimulants. Much like sound therapy with gongs, it has the ability to put you into an altered state in no time - that state of connection from which inspiration and divine intelligence flows. 

At this time, it is clearly vital that we use whatever tools we have at our disposal to maintain our equilibrium when there is so much chaos manifesting in the world. Sounding with your voice gives you a direct line to dialogue with your higher being or soul self, and this allows you to take an aerial view of life, where it is possible to see that 'bigger picture'. It's not about only looking for the positive, but staying balanced and heart centred despite all else. As your heart and voice are intimately connected, you have the potential to influence many by changing your own heart field so that Universal Love can flow freely through you to others. 

It has even been suggested that singing with others in a group can cause entrainment - where the singers' heartbeats become coherent and begin to pulse in unison. How magical is that?? We are mystical and metaphysical beings by nature. We have simply forgotten that this is so.

There are many great teachers of sound healing with the voice to connect to: Jonathan Goldman, Chloe Goodchild, and James D'Angelo to name but three. It is easy to find information online to help you discover your own healing voice. 

Meanwhile, following the guidance I have been receiving, I have embarked on my vocal toning journey with an Earth-centred approach. The second of my solo group sessions - Sounding the Soul - will be on the 15th December at Zen Yoga, Camberwell, London, and I am looking forward with excitement and enthusiasm to see where the universe will take me next.

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