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Jenni Roditi
from: Jenni Roditi
Category: Voicework

What is Vocal Tai Chi?

Moving voice between earth and heaven....

Vocal Tai Chi helps you work towards singing your soul''s music - in the moment - at the microphone - for all to hear... YES!

Sounds scary? Not when you relax and simply be who you really are... each one of us can find our own unique vocal imprints - and when they are heard and appreciated by others you will be on the road to true creative singing in action. At the heart of Vocal Tai Chi is a willingness to listen to yourself, your voice and your body in the moment and to marry this with centering and grounding practices found in Tai Chi.

Jenni is facilitating small groups and one to ones in Vocal Tai Chi to help develop this freestyle singing, in the widest sense of the word. This work has been uniquely created by Jenni after 25 years of research and activity in music, voice therapy and spiritual practice.

One of the unique aspects of this work is the original backing music that Jenni has composed for the workshops and for performance. This contains and supports each singer. The workshop uses simple vocal and physical tasks that help release your voice gently and effectively. The music of Vocal Tai Chi is always drawn from your experience of the moment as it is expressed through your voice and body. Therefore Vocal Tai Chi encourages you to listen to yourself, to the backing music - and to the space around you, all at the same time. One of the challenges is to work with your own spontaneous vocal material to start to create a unique musical language - each one - with their own true palette. This can bring a sense of new identity - not always recognized as totally familiar at first! The Tai Chi aspect of the work brings a philosophical source and a practical application. You are not expected to know Tai Chi but simply to engage in the basic feeling of grounding, breathing and centred, relaxed attention that is at the heart of Tai Chi.

The form of Tai Chi is not practiced as a formal sequence in the workshop but is there to be called upon as a source of ground, inspiration and deep support when singing in the moment.

• You are in a safe and supportive space to improvise vocally and work with Tai Chi in essence.

• You will learn how the voice can be navigated with a simple four-step system.

• You can deepen your sense of freedom between you voice and body.

• You will work together with others and learn from and support each other’s voice work.

You will discover a much wider vocal range and a vocal world that is all your own. You will learn from hearing Jenni sing Vocal Tai Chi as part of the workshop.

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