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Jens Zygar


Jens is the inventor of the planetary tuned gongs and founder of Klanghaus, a musical research institute that studies the effects of sounds and rhythms.  Jens met Hans Cousto in 1982 and became acquainted with the theories of the Cosmic Octave. In 1987 he developed the line of Planetary Gongs in cooperation with the Paiste gong company.  

He has over 30 years uninterrupted activity as an autonomous sound healer, sound artist and musician. His work with creating and manipulating vibrational energy in different modalities has built a lifetime of experience which he loves to shareHe describes his work as a visionary worldview in which sounds are dynamic and the living interface between mind, soul, and matter.

In 1986 he founded the Klanghaus, an institute for sound research and performance arts. The focus was on the work with European gong instruments and the development of applications in the area of meditative natural music. 

Inspired by Hans Cousto, Jens conceived the idea of a new type of gong, the Planet-Gongs, symphonic gongs with tuned frequencies corresponding to the cosmic octave. The instruments were realized with the aid of the German-Swiss company Paiste and were presented for the first time in 1989 at a cultural festival called Schwingende Welten in Solothurn, Switzerland. 

There, Jens Zygar met the composer and musician Steve Schroyder and together they founded the Star Sounds Orchestra, an instrumental duo dedicated to the implementation of the harmonious ideas of the cosmic octave.  Parallel to his work as founder, musician, protagonist and manager of the Star Sounds Orchestra, Jens Zygar devoted himself intensively to the theory and practice of playing the gong. 
His book "Das kreative Gongbuch" published in Bruno Martin Verlag ISBN 3-921 786-78-ß in 1994 provides evidence of his dealings with the subject of gong music, gong-playing and applications. 

His concept of Audionics is the science of sound, an analogy of bionics. For the first time this defines and constructs a universal model for how sound works.  Audionics is a development path for a physiological (signal and communication) language, a system for the holistic use of sound and our connection with a natural sound `music` His vision of a non-verbal form of communication focuses on the creative and sensual handling of sounds. He holds Gong Mediations and Masterclasses across the world.

Jens says:

“The focus of my life is working with sounds and vibrations, exploring their origins and their effects on body, mind and spirit soul. This is my personal contribution to the development of a human-friendly present and future.


We feel profoundly honoured that Jens is coming to teach at The Chiron again for a second year running. In 2017 his weekend is entitled “Sound Days with Jens: Activating the electrical bodies with sounds; becoming aware of the next evolutionary step”

 There is a lecture (open to the public too) followed by, hands-on tuition, practice and the exploration of new concepts in sound healing. On all days, between set times there is opportunity for social networking, discussion, joy and laughter.

Comments from the 2016 weekend-

 A truly inspiring workshop geared to those who already use sound as a therapeutic tool. Great content and delivery with lots of experiential opportunities… and all in the beautiful setting of the amazing Chiron Institute!

 The Weekend with Jens Zygar at the Chiron Institute was inspirational, it was a truly unique opportunity to delve into the world of the gong within the framework of sound healing, with one of the worlds greatest exponents of the gong/tam tam.  

 This weekend is best for those with some experience already.

The link for more information and for booking is at the website -

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