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Eeshi-Ra Hart
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Stress and how to get out of your head with Sound

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Do you suffer from stress and wish you could do something about it, but not sure what to do?  Well I’m here to help!  You deserve a break!

Hi my name’s Ashera Hart and I’m a sound healing practitioner, originally from the UK, and I am truly passionate about sound as an amazing tool for healing and have worked with the frequencies of the Zobet (some know as the solfeggio) since 2001.  Sound can be a transmitter of potent rebalancing energy that can offer quick solutions for our fast-paced world.  Simply download, sync your device, put your headphones on, hit play, relax back and let all that stress simply disappear!

The main reason I got into sound healing in the first place was because as a singer I could really see how potent it is e.g. musicians playing beautiful music combined with the power of the voice, groovy beats, heartfelt lyrics, epic instrumental solos etc that bring people together to celebrate, to dance, to feel uplifted, inspired and essentially help everyone feel like one big family so that we might feel somehow more happy, whole and healed in some way because we all feel more connected to each other sharing the same experience.

My motivation to go deeper in that journey was because I saw it could be a healing catalyst to help people get back in balance because we have forgotten how to live a natural and harmonious life that is in balance with the planet we live on.

I looked around at humanity and really saw that the main issue that most of us seem to be having is some kind of disconnection from our natural joyous, peaceful, healthy state, which is causing so many problems for us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  For example, we are more in our heads and less in tune with our bodies - breathing more shallowly; eating less healthily; not sleeping so well; not exercising as much; developing bad posture from sitting at a computer or wearing heels; not listening to natural signals like pain in the body; living a toxic lifestyle from using chemical-based products e.g. shampoo, toothpaste etc; wearing shoes that stop us being grounded; spending less time in nature & the sunlight; wearing unnatural fabrics; living in houses with electricity; technology all around us (e.g. wi-fi mobiles); going to bed way past sunset; living under artificial lights; living a “religious” life but not a spiritually-fulfilling one and the list goes on!  The full impact of all these factors is that we are less in touch with how we really feel on a day-to-day basis and so find it hard to truly love ourselves and others, and live the truly happy fulfilling life that we were destined for.  When I was recording my first sound healing CD, I was asking a question, not even asking to any person but just had that silent question on a loop in my head.  Could there be a sound or a series of sounds to help us get more in tune on every level?

Stressed at workIt's a crazy busy world we're living in!

With today’s busy society and the increased use of technology to make our lives more convenient, this has created a faster pace in business and as a result in our personal lives too.  We think that we’re better off because it makes our lives “easier” but does it really?  The knock-on effect of that “push, push, rush, rush” attitude, has been that people expect things faster and faster, and so in our eager bid to avoid an angry boss or lose our job, our stress levels have, for many, increased exponentially.  People are pushing their bodies way beyond what’s reasonable, so when they wake up having only slept for 3 hours, but still need to get going with their day, maybe they’ll drink five cups of coffee just to make it through.  If they get a blinding headache, they may prefer to silence it with a pill because they’ve got to make that deadline.  Funny how we choose our words sometime.  How about a lifeline?  As if that wasn’t enough, feeling overwhelmed already, then their boss dumps his entire frustrated day at their door, so maybe they’ll take it out on another person in the office or maybe even carry it home and dump it on their partner, child or friend.  Most of us haven’t been taught or given the tools to help us handle stress in an easy and effective way, and so it’s easy to become negatively affected by it.  We may also find it hard to tell our boss what’s going on for us for fear of being seen as inefficient or weak, and instead it gets suppressed, making us ill, burnt out and more unhappy day by day.  As time goes on, we may avoid getting into nature, because we’re working through lunch, working late, because we might feel guilty that we’re not on top form and yet actually taking that time for us to de-stress, could be one of the most helpful things we could do for ourselves.

Evidence has emerged that the economic, financial and job insecurity created by the global economic situation is creating a marked increase in stress, anxiety, depression and general mental health issues in the workplace.  A poll by AXA PPP Healthcare suggests that money worries are leading to increased stress and anxiety in more than a third of the workforce.  Another survey of 200 HR professionals found that 25% of firms believed that most of their employees were showing symptoms of stress due to money challenges.  A recent poll on a well known website said over 70% are “very stressed” about money and that is only going up.

We cannot keep on running on empty because, just like even the best car, once the fuel’s run out, it no longer takes us anywhere!

We are operating way beyond what would ever happen in nature and nature is a very good model to study and learn from.

With the increased habit of a life on computers and the internet, they have even coined the term “Computer Distraction Syndrome”, we are more on a computer probably than at any other time in our lives, unless we’ve woken up, smelled the roses and gone and done something else!

Sick and Tired

Sick and Tired

According to the CIPD/SimplyHealth Absence management survey (October 20110, stress has become the most common cause of long-term sickness absence.  According to MIND (June 2011) British businesses lose an estimated £26 billion/year in sickness absence and lost productivity, and yet with greater awareness and mental health suport, businesses could save one third of these costs e.g. a mammoth £8 billion/year.  Dame Carole Black at the ISMA conference in 2009 went so far as to say that stress and chronic ill health in the workplace costs as much as £100 billion.  The Health & Safety Executive in the UK said that in 2009/2010, an estimated 9.8 million working days were lost through work-related stress.  Aviva in 2011 estimated that 1.2 million people said they were suffering from an illness caused or made worse by their work.  Of these 500,000 were new illnesses occurring and they also said that workers are putting in a staggering 26 million extra hours at work each day

With stress and cancer (1 in 2) at an all time high, is it now perhaps time to change how we’re living and live differently?  Are there tools available that can help?  Quickly, easily that can fit into a busy schedule?  The answer is a fully resounding ('scuse the pun!!) YES!!

Breathing Sound Healing AudioI have pioneered and developed sound healing audios with leading experts in the health and wellness field designed to address the human challenges we face.  These audios are either a simple journey featuring Zobet (some know as solfeggio) sound healing frequencies with the natural calming sound of gentle lapping ocean waves or a combination of the frequencies with a guided relaxation or meditation e.g. Stress Relief, Breathing, Energetic Massage, etc.  Because some people are so busy, I’ve created different lengths (of The Unity Codes), so if you only can spare 20 minutes in your day, there’s a 20 minute version which means you can just listen to it on the train into work, arriving focused and refreshed ready for your day, or you can listen at the beginning of your lunch break, which still leaves you time for lunch!  If you want a longer version to unwind to after work, or to meditate with or get off to sleep with, then there’s a 40 minute one or if you love to take more quality time to deeply relax, then there’s the 1 hour to de-stress instead.  If you want the latest technology, we’ve even created a 3D headphone mix of nature sounds combined with the frequencies to take your journey to a whole other level of relaxation!  For business owners, we’ve even created a sonic immersion relaxation suite called “The Cube” designed specifically to relax & focus your employees, offering a simple, yet effective way of decreasing stress and illness in the workplace.  Please email me for details, click here.

Let’s get out of our heads

Tune into your peak potential!
Tune into your peak potential!

The frequencies of the Zobet (solfeggio) are based on the mathematical blueprint of all life in the Universe (the Phi ratio) and they speak directly to our bodies –  the brain, the bones in our skeleton, and right down to the DNA in every cell sending a rebalancing signal.

What I love about sound is that it can speak directly to the body bypassing the doubting skeptical mind, so when the body starts to feel the profound rebalancing benefits of these healing frequencies, then the mind starts to let go and say “Ok, this is actually feeling pretty good, so maybe I’ll just breathe more deeply and get into it”.  What excites me, is that it can be such a potent catalyst for personal and planetary transformation and given that humanity is at an important crossroads, it can be a very useful tool we can use to literally get more in tune with ourselves, our bodies, the planet, the cosmos and ultimately our spirituality too!

We urgently need to get back in tune in order to change our direction as right now we’re headed on a path of self-destruction.  The ancient indigenous tribes like the Mayans and the Hopi call the time  we’re in, “the Great Time of Purification”.  If we want to survive as a species, we need to make urgent choices in order to come back into balance with ourselves and the Earth.  We can’t keep trashing our backyard like irresponsible children.  We need to start doing things differently.  Doing things that work and are harmonioius in the long-term.

One of the main benefits of these sound healing frequencies when the tuning forks are played in pairs, is the amazing rebalancing effects of 111Hz.

111Hz is an ancient shamanic healing frequency found present in ancient ceremonial sound chambers e.g. New Grange (Ireland), the Hypogeum in Malta etc.

It is also widely used in the medical world today.  It’s been used by the Russians since the 1940’s as a frequency for insomnia (“electrosleep”) and in the 1970’s it’s been used as a frequency for stress, depression, alcoholism, headaches, brain injury, M.S., psychiatric dysfunction, better mental clarity, super-brain power, improved self esteem etc (CES), and then Dr Meg Patterson ( pioneed NET which is used for heroin addiction (Pete Townshend recovered from heroin addiction using 111Hz), and later on Dr Bob Beck's developed the BT7 brain/bio-tuner.

The Unity Codes 3D Ambisonic Headphone MixOther benefits include:-

  • Deep relaxation (Theta state) & reduces stress/nervous energy

  • Stimulates beta-endorphins (uplifts your mood)

  • Permanently reduces stress, worry, anxiety, depression, irritability, moodiness

  • Rebalances brain to produce more mental processing power

  • Improved mental abilities/focus/memory/attention span/concentration

  • Enhanced problem-solving/creativity

  • Eliminates fears/phobias

  • Significant reduces “mental chatter” and self-destructive impulses

  • Boosts immunity & increases well-being

  • Amplifies feelings of inspiration, vitality, rejuvenation, happiness & confidence

  • Increases emotional stability - more centered/calm

  • Deeper, more restful sleep

  • Better sexual performance

  • Enhances motivation, personal growth, intuition & ability to reach goals

  • Naturally boosts DHEA, Serotonin, GABA, Melatonin, Endorphins and reduces Cortisol

The Science

Stress Relief coverIn a world gone crazy with stress, the Western culture encourages “every man for himself”, which makes for a selfish world and ultimately creates more separation and isolation with the "haves" and the "have nots", perpetuating a dualistic world based on fear, control, competition, with war & destruction as its end results.  Another amazing thing that the frequencies offer is a stimulation of a part of the brain that improves our ability to be more sensitive to each other, which is good news for those interested in creating a peaceful world!!

Studies done by Dr Ian A Cook of UCLA in 2008 said that people regularly exposed to the resonant sound in the frequency of 110 or 111hz would be "turning on" an area of the brain that bio-behavioural scientists believe relates to mood, empathy and social behaviour.  We need to become more empathic with ourselves and each other if we are to transform our society from one of competition and isolation to a society based on co-operation and interdependence as recently mentioned in the documentary film “I Am” (2012).

111Hz also stimulates the parts of the brain involved in speech, memory, and hearing … and regions relating to planning complex cognitive behaviours, personality expression, and moderating correct social behaviour.  It's known to benefit schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism and ADHD.  This study also showed a relative de-activation of the language centre (promoting a stronger internal focus whilst listening) & a temporary shifting from left to right-sided dominance related to emotional processing.   Given that much of the world is primarily focused in the left brain, the logical, rational side of things, etc rebalancing both hemispheres can help us access more of the intuitive, feeling, appreciative, big-picture and imaginative faculties, so this makes it an important tool to help us see things from a more holistic perspective.

I call the frequencies “the system software” because they are the blueprint of life itself and are great ways of rebalancing us easily, safely, non-invasively and naturally, with no side effects or toxicity either.  It is however, important to drink at least one glass of water before and after listening as some of the frequency combinations are pathocidic, i.e. they may help to clear certain moulds, bacteria, viruses or fungi in your body that shouldn’t be there.   Drinking water supports any rebalancing effects.

And who would we be without our “programming”?

Unity Codes doubleImagine you are:-

  • Living a life of no stress/fear on a daily basis

  • Maximising your mental abilities with improved clarity, focus, memory, & productivity

  • Accessing an uplifted mood/calmer emotional state even in the midst of chaos and confusion

  • Having deeper, more restful sleep every night

  • More in touch with your body’s health & needs

  • Always healthy and have no dis-ease (yes, no dis-ease at all!)

  • Making more conscious choices that will better serve you

  • Transforming any limiting beliefs/problems easily

  • In tune with your in-tuition & accessing your MegaBrain powers

  • Aligned with your purpose & doing what you love

  • Creating the life you have ALWAYS wanted and deserved

  • Are more deeply in touch with your spirituality & personal power

  • Able to identify when you are letting fear or self-sabotage win

  • Have the ability to feel more bliss in your body

  • Loving yourself more & have more harmonious relationships at home & work

  • Feeling more Unity & connection to the Divine all-ways

  • Getting tools that will unfaillingly last you for the rest of your life!

For more information and to purchase your copy of Stress Relief, go here: or to just have the frequencies and ocean waves by themselves, to get your copy of The Unity Codes (20 minute, 40 minutes or 1 hour lengths) go here:  or for the 3D headphone nature mix versions, go here.

And if you'd like to find out more about my sound healing work, please go here:-


Stress -

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Effects of 111Hz

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1. Jahn, Robert G., et al; "Acoustical Resonances of Assorted Ancient Structures," Technical Report PEAR 95002, Princeton University, March 1995. Devereux, Paul, et al; "Acoustical Properties of Ancient Ceremonial Sites," Journal of Scientific Exploration, 9:438, 1995.  Prof Daniel Talma of University of Malta says it creates a trance/theta state.

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