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Eeshi-Ra Hart
Category: Voicework

Make some Noise!

undefinedSound is probably one of the most profound catalysts for change we have available to us. As many of you know, everything inside us and outside us is vibration. An exquisite tapestry of divinely-organised atoms vibrating at whatever vibration is the best choice and the most efficient for the Universe and that atomic structure or living being.

There are so many wonderful ways in which we can use sound healing tools e.g. tuning forks, crystal bowls, gongs, shamanic drums, brainwave entrainment technology, etc but probably one of the most overlooked sonic tools we have is our own voice.

Throughout the Western world, we have developed a “polite” society that teaches its kids from an early age that if we want to be accepted we “should be seen and not heard” and so over time this has increasingly conditioned us to inhibit the use of our voice, whether it’s to do with expressing our truth/ anger/joy, putting “a brave face” on it when we get hurt (instead of crying or making noise to release any pain we feel), or even singing in public as if it upsets others who may be asking the question “who are you to be so happy?”.

Over millennia, we have embedded at a cellular level a fear of self-expression due to being burnt/hung/guillotined or threatened with violence or simply being criticised because perhaps we happen to have a difference of opinion, need to stand up against the powers that be and their controlling agendas or simply need to make some noise or be heard.

The voice is probably one of the most powerful prayers/healing tools we have, and when we have a healing intention and we combine it with energy that directs it, perhaps using sacred symbol or colour then we can create an amazing result.

Cultures in the past have revered the use of sound e.g. in shamanic traditions it’s used to journey with, for ceremony, community celebrations, childbirth, in the use of mantra in India or other ancient cultures and slowly but surely we are starting to reconnect with that wisdom and so help us develop a heightened state of awareness and enable us to be more deeply in tune with ourselves, each other, our environment and ultimately the spiritual shift that is now occurring on our planet.

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