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Elaine Whittaker
Category: Yoga

A Truly Magical Journey

So I’m all set up ready to share a lovely Gong Bath …… instruments have been blessed (I always liketo do that), the fairy lights are twinkling, everyone is snuggled up in their blankets. I talk everyonedown into a relaxation and am then ready to start playing.

Usually it’s the Tibetan Bowls that call me to them first ….. a wonderful mix of gentle tones thatsoothe everyone into a state of readiness to receive. Then perhaps some clear Crystal Bowl sounds…… but not too loud …. I find the very intense, almost shriek that some players use quite aggressive… so I keep it powerful but gentle. And now the Gong … as I pick up my mallet and consider whichgong and what to do … I feel a wave of calm flowing through me … and then the sound just seems tocome with the gongs responding to both me and the energies in the room as a whole. The soundsbuild and fade, build and fade as wave after wave of sound vibration flows through the room easingout the tensions, physical, mental and emotional. After a short silence, the Koshi Chimes dancetheir wonderful tinkling notes and then perhaps it’s a rain drum or rain stick to bring us back to earthagain.

Of course the order is not always the same, the instruments not always the same … but theexperience always seems truly magical …people tell me they’ve journeyed they know not where,they’ve seen lights and images felt the sound vibrations deep within. Some are a bitdiscombobulated, some floating in a peaceful oasis of calm, others have felt the tensions flowingout.

I feel privileged so share the experience of sound … it’s a truly magical journey.

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