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Susan Hale
from: Susan Hale
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Book Review for Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras

There is a wonderful new book in the Sound Healing Field. Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras: Vowels, Consonants and Syllables for Spiritual Transformation by James D'Angelo is the rare book that speaks to both the beginner as well as the seasoned sound therapy practitioner. The book, published by Destiny Books of Rochester, Vermont, includes a 66 minute CD. Filled with both traditional, time-tested methods as well as orginal inspiration, D'Angelos book is a mixture of the sacred and the silly. For example note his unique word play on vowels and consonants. He assigns "H" to the Throat Chakra and says this consonant can relfect Heavenly Harmony but also be used negatively "when we Heckle, Hector, Hiss, Hoot, Holler. Haggle. Haress, Harangue and, in general, get Huffy."

Though I have been working with music therapy and toning for 40 years, I read Seed Sounds and sounded along with his CD with a beginner's mind. Not only does he give many different exercises I was familar with, but he expanded my awareness by assessing each sound a different number of pulsations per minute, giving a low 36 to the root chakra and a faster vibratory rate of 108 for the crown. "The principle," he says, "is that the throbbing of the vowels emulates the source of the chakra vibration that is to be resonated, awakened and re-tuned." The other new experience for me was to end each exercise with whispering the pulsating sound with the breath. I found this particularly profound in the efficacy of the exercise.

I also loved his concept of "extracting the juice" from each exercise. This vivid metaphor reflects that sound is a form of deep nourishment. He also suggests the use of the older, more multi-cultural pentatonic scale for sounding the chakras then the more common C Major Scale found in most books on Sound Healing. This brilliant intuitive leap  gives the exercises a different flavor and feel. (He starts with F and ends with G.)

I stayed with James for several months when he was writing Seed Sounds. Not only was I impressed with his extensive library and research but also his daily discipline of meditation and sounding the chakras. He is someone who embodies what he teaches and has refined his own consciousness through his practice.

Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras is a book to return to again and again in your own quest for using sound for meditation and healing. To order this book go to www.DestinyBooks.com

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