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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Chakra

Golden Light Project 11

Breath by breath we can be conscious of this very moment, we can catch our thoughts and feelings and turn them into a point of direct focus aiming sound through ourselves into becoming useful and powerful. Our world is awakening around us; we live in a global village where great distances across the curving horizon mean nothing. How can we become more useful and powerful when the world communications and media make it so apparent that as individual’s mass change is beyond our capability?

The answer may be in us each becoming more available to thelife that is breathing each of us, allowing sound with the breath to pourthrough. More available by putting time aside each hour of each day to becomingin tune with the source; it is said that the angels come upon invitation. When weask Archangel Raphael to help us in healing, the request is answeredimmediately. Could this be true of our connection to the source of life? Couldit be that when we ask we are answered immediately?

The Golden Light Project is now up to GLP 11 with only one opportunityremaining to “get up to speed” before winter solstice 2012. When we get to December21st we will have completed the journey of activating the thirteenchakras thirteen times. This has been a powerful challenge for most of usbecause in essence none of us have known where we are going. But strangely,deep within we are remembering, we do know how to get there! The messagescoming through make it so very clear. Choose to be consciously awake, know thatyour consciousness is making a difference on a global scale. Allow you’re selfto be available to the mystery that lives through you, sounds through yourvoice, seeing through your eyes, listening through your ears and poweringthrough your actions, thoughts and feelings.

This is the time to sing, Invite Golden Light into the EarthMother. What the Earth does with this gift of remembering is her consciouschoice; you are doing your part by allowing your energy meridians and chakrasto be open channels for the passage of universal love and information. We arepowerful beyond measure when we respond as unlimited beings.

Alan Ereira has made another film about the Kogi peoplecalled “Aluna” which is being released today at the Sheffield Film Festival. Init our wise elder Kogi brothers and sisters who live in isolated mountaincommunities say that everything is created out of thought and intent, this isthe time to come back to honoring the Sacred Earth Mother.

Take this opportunity to meditate, sing and sound your waythrough your chakras, starting next Monday 18th of June. Invite yourfriends to join you in this process of activation and transformation. Hundredsif not thousands of people around the planet will be joining us as we get up tospeed with our individual and collective potential.

The heart of the Galactic centre through the great rift ofthe milky way  is lining up to the heartof mother Earth; this alignment is happening through each of our lives as webecome conscious breathers, active and very awake to becoming more directlyavailable to spirit. Grandfather sky is constantly gifting the planet with theenergy of the golden light; lift your voice, invite with us your soul familythe unlimited power to pass through you, activating the global grid. “I inviteGolden Light into the Earth Through me”

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