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Deuter - Osho Nadabrahma Active Meditation

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Nadabrahma is part of a series of 10 Osho Active Meditations. This particular meditation contains three stages and is based on an ancient Tibetan approach. Composer Deuter's music is intended to be the backdrop for the meditation techniques described in the liner notes. Given this, Deuter's score is non-intrusive. In fact, it is not designed for active listening at all. The meditation is the goal, not the music.

In the beginning stage, Deuter's music encourages deep concentration through reverberant bells, chimes, and large Chinese gongs. By keeping his soundtrack sparse and non-pitch-specific, he gives the practitioner enough space to focus on the meditation procedure itself, which, in this case, is humming.

The second stage asks the participant to perform some simple hand and arm motions. Deuter's music for this phase is also simple and unadorned; it contains only the droning of keyboards and a decidedly plain flute melody. However, as the track progresses, Deuter adds a distant vocal countermelody.

The last stage of this meditation is utter stillness and pure silence. Smartly, there is no musical accompaniment to this phase for here the practitioner is urged to transcend sound and space altogether.

Track Listing

1. Osho - First Stage  30.00 minutes
2. Osho - Second Stage  15.12 minutes
3. Osho - Third Stage  16.00 minutes
4. Osho - Guide to Stages - movie clip  05.27 minutes

A meditation based on ancient Tibetan techniques offers humming and witnessing stages, followed by flowing circular hand movements and a period of stillness.

Includes instructional mpeg video.

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