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Deuter - Osho Whirling Meditation

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Whirling Dervishes are Sufi's who practice a technique of meditation that requires the body to spin with outstretched arms while the mind is centred and still.

This method has been likened to a cyclone, where the eye of the storm is still amidst chaos.

OSHO WHIRLING MEDITATION is part of a series of meditations based on the work of Osho (also known as Rajneesh), a spiritual teacher who developed techniques of active meditation which attracted a wide following to his commune in India. The music on this disc is by one of Osho's pupils, Deuter (George Deuter), an early pioneer of Krautrock who now produces a host of recordings for New Earth, including companions for yoga and meditation.

OSHO WHIRLING MEDITATION is divided into three segments.

The first stage begins with drifting harmonics that create perpetual movement and flow.

The second stage, which is silent, is meant for rest.

The final stage in the meditation is quiet with nearly inaudible synth pulses forming a calming layer of sound. Deuter's custom-made compositions articulate Osho's meditation in a way that is easy to use and stimulating to listen to.

Track Listing

1. 1st Stage . 15 minutes music  46.21 minutes
2. 2nd Stage. 15 minutes silence  15.00 minutes
3. 3rd Stage - Outro  01.07 minutes

Drawing upon an ancient Sufi technique, this active meditation practice uses whirling and witnessing. While the whole body is moving, the centre remains silent and still.

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