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Fabien Maman
from: Fabien Maman

Join Us in Celebration of Light

Tama-Do Academy is proud to present our new movie on
Spiritual Sound Master and Visionary Fabien Maman.

Click on the Fabien in the Arch of Sound and you will go to our website. Click again on his photo and see the movie!


The 40 minute movie, (beautifully shot and intimately produced by Julian Melanson) documents the trajectory of Fabien Maman's life from bossa nova jazz musician/composer to spiritual healer and seeker to Master Visionary, whose mission it is to teach the Light.

Thank you Les Guides to make this work possible.

Join Us in The UK for Two workshops:

31Oct/1Nov/2 Nov for 'Tuning Forks on the Acupuncture Command Points of the 8 Extra-Ordinary Meridians'

3 Nov/4/5 for 'Shamanism of the Light- A New Paradigm of Healing'

see the events page for more info. 

love, Light and chi

Terres & Fabien

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