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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux



(As sung by the Beatles)

9 is the Number of theAquarian Age!

9 is the Number of the Gong!

(As said by Dane Rudhyar)

This Inneagram with 9 sides is the philosophic/geometric mantrika, or code of the gong. 0-9 represents theMajor 6thin Music and the beginning of the PHI series of SummationResultant Tones produced by the sustained combining of gong tones.

OM GONGONGONG is the Manu Gene of the human acoustic field and brings a blessing of an amazing complex/unity of Divine Mind Concepts.

Some might say it is a descent of grace.

Mother OM, Matriarch ofTone, and the Great Ocean of Oneness dissolve our separate bubbles into theGreat Gong Ocean of Bliss.

We as living organic people gongs are organized into 9 Dimensions and stabilized by the 1stDimension.

Stability is not to be found in any one thing; not in any situation, not in personalities, or in any conditions.

Stability is to be had in the presence.

Being stable in Divine Oneness,

Anchored to the divine“beingness’ that I Am.

The levitating pull of the Divine Golden Proportion is a pull of heavenly gravity away from the gravity pull of the earth.


1st Dimension- The iron core crystalat the center of the earth. Accessed through the consciousness of Mother Earth/Gaia.

Gravity is the glue that holds all Dimensional Worlds together.

It affects transformation in the 2nd & 3rd & 4thDimensionalWorlds.

It spiritualizes in the 5thDimensional Worlds.

It orders, structures, and stabilizes all worlds held in the cosmic hand of gravity.

40Hz. resonates with Iron in the Blood Stream.

40 vibrations per second resonate with the Root Chakra, the Iron Core of the Earth.

40 cps transposed upward to middle piano is a 160 Hz. E Tone.

E is also related to the sign of Leo, the Heart, the Solar Plexus and the Spine. It resonates as well to Ceres of the Asteroid Belt and the Sumerian Planet Gong Niburu.

Four various tones have been commonly associated with the Grounding Chakra, according to the systemapplied.  They are: C, G, A#, and E


When any gong plays with other gongs and in spite of different tone frequencies, it still shares in common with the others inherent levitational/anti-gravity properties and energies, a buoyancy enabling the phenomena of flow.



2nd Dimension - The telluric world, the elementals. Their realm is between the iron core crystal and the crust of the earth. This is the realm of microbes, bacteria, and minerals. They maintain the 3rd dimension.


This world of elementals

includes fairies and Devas of the Natural Organic Nature Kingdom.


There are elementals within the gong as its vibrations release energy from the atomic particles of the metallic elementals composing its alloy.


2 Dimensional invisible lifeforms resonate in the (4 to 7 Hz.) Theta Waves of the brain Slightly below the(8 to 13 Hz.) Alpha state of daydreaming, which itself resonates under the awake state of Beta (14 to 20 Hz.).


The feeling of being freed from the physical limit of the body occurs during total immersion in living gong tones.


The pain of the suffering earth is due to the abuse and misuse of the elements of the earth by the less than humane human race.


The gong experience makes possible the awakening of the Theta Eye in Humanity in the person lying in the Theta State part of the full gong cycle.




3rd Dimension - time and space- the conscious mastery of linear time is through "being here now" and it is polarized both positive and negative. The Keeper of this dimension is humanity as an organic whole.


The 3rd Dimension is the crossing ground where physical and non-physical meet and where the rubber meets the road. It is where dualism and non-dualism dance the Lila of Life.


This Yin/Yang interplay has two versions; The polarization of opposites, and the non-linear or Vertical Force associated with the transformation to anti-gravity energy.


Here in the 3rd Dimension we have the opportunity to choose between the illusions of the world.




Inside of time is the dimension of thought, personal and collective. The Quantum Dimension of the Dream Body exists here.

Non-Locality, Non-Materiality, Invisibility, and Transparency live here.


The ego mind emotional identity occupies this 4thdimension and there commands the ones below it.


It is here that the space wars of thought play out their cosmic drama to the spectator ego.


The big choice lives here. Choose the positive thought that will bring you to Joy!,.....or not!


This inner world of the embodied awareness is the astral body called Mana Maya Kosha and is the primary focus of the Healing Gong Tones.


The Initiation to the 5thDimension happens when the two hemispheric brains are balanced and the rational mind is neutralized. The Third Eye is awakened.


In the gong event there is a moment of transcendence of tone when all is so full no words can be uttered.


Here is the Vishna Maya Kosha World. This is where the disintegration of the 4th Dimensional cocoon can occur.


4th Dimension is the non physical kingdom of archetypes, guides, and nonphysical beings. Accessed through guides, archetypes, angels - also polarized into positive and negative. The keepers are according to Barbara Hand  are the Annunaki, those who created and enslaved the first human experiments. They are those who live on Niburu, the great planet that tips the scales when it flies through the Solar System.



This is the gong field of the Heavenly Akasha. Here only unconditional love is possible.

The ultimate goal of the Gong Bath is this emergence into the Ananda Maya Kosha or Bliss Body.


Audible Sound plane.

Hari Om is the mantra of Vaikhari (superimposed triangles) which represents all sounds in Nature.


Disentanglement or Forgiveness brings out the creative potential of divine love.



“Hari Om!”

Overlapping Triangles

All audible sounds in Nature


5th Dimension - Conscious Love and Creativity. This realm of light centers in the human heart and resonates with all of Earth's biological creatures and plants. Barbara Hand Crow says the keepers are the Pleiadians, and that is why they are a great help to us humans infinding our heart centers.




6th- Morphogenetic consciousness is the consciousnessof morphic fields/Sacred Geometry. It is the home of the KA, the human spiritbody. The keepers according to BHC are the Sirians.




Creation by geometry and morphic resonance


The implanting and imprinting templates of archetypes are found here. The blueprints of creation and transformation are here


This is realm of power over matter for good or ill.

The building of form


This is the level of Madhyama in Hindu Cosmology. Intuitive Insight and Telepathic Resonance.

Meaning of the outside as knowledge is here and expressed as intuitive insight.



The Triangle









Galactic Highways of Light. The realm of cosmic sound that generates the 6D geometric forms through vibrational resonance. The keepers according to Barbera Hand Clow are the Andromedans.





In Hindu Cosmogony: The sound is dense enough to reveal relationships to our higher consciousness.



Creation by Sound



8th- Dimension of the Divine Mind. This is the realm of Light that manifests throughout the visible light spectrum in 3D. This realm causes us to feel the love of "God" as a constant energy sourcein our lives. Orion is the keeper (BHC).




Divine Creative Intelligence

The Nature of God

The higher Self, The Atman

Creation by Light



“Tat Vam Asi….That Thou Art!

The Central Sun

The essence of the Nuclear

This represents the pull of PHI towards a higher harmonic of the same Chord.

It is the source of anti-gravity and the pull away from density molecular gravity.


The infinite and the finite are in tension.

There is a simultaneous pull in two directions.

South and inward,

Nucleus Gravity Waves/Contraction

North and outward,

Nuclear Anti-GravityWaves/Expansion

Return Back to Source


The Source of Time Waves

The Galactic Center

Creation by Time

Barbara Hand Clow says the keepers are the Enochians



The sound ofsounds

The seedsound, the word, AUM issuing forth from the Mouth of Brahma


Mallet of will is used for sounding the creation gong.


9th Dimension

-    The Black whole in the center of the Milky Way. “Hunab Ku”.


-      This the Galactic Center, the Great nothingness. It is said to organize cycles on Earth. It is considered the great being in the Galactic center - Tzolk'in – some think it created the Mayan calendar to orchestrate Earth's evolution. ?


Here is thegestalt,

“I am one within the all that is”.


“The Onenessof Allness”

(The all of us as oneness)

THE CIRCLE  The Wellspring of Creation

The Great Gong of Life

All came into manifestation by the word of Brahma, but Brahma remained the Un-Manifest.

The Gong’s Disc is the Creation set into vibration under the will of the Cosmic Mallet striker and when struck tones resound on the surface of the gong, the gong becomes the non-local center amidst the grand chaos produced by its progeny of oceanic tones.

11 is the number of Intitiation. It is the river that connects Ra, our Sun, with the Galactic Sun. The passage is open now from Oct 28, 2011, through Nov 11, 2011 and full out on 11:11am 12-21-2012. This Initiation cycle completes at the Day Out of Time July 25, 2013.

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