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Andrew Hodges

Zoom 5.2.2 - Better Sound Quality

Musicians who have been using Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms for sessions, rehearsals, and performances since the coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year have struggled against an audio system that is optimised for spoken word. The new mode improves audio quality in ways that make the platform work much better for musicians.

In a practical sense, this will mean that if you’re discussing a project with collaborators or in a remote recording session, routing audio from your scoring or audio application into Zoom listeners on the other end will hear the difference between softs and louds, and the subtleties of articulation and orchestration will be rendered more faithfully. Teachers will be able to more easily talk alongside playing or audio playback from a student without Zoom squashing either the talking or the music. Even something as simple as playing back recorded music examples without resorting to an external service will be greatly improved using the new audio setting.

If you want to see a full explanation for Zoom 5.2.2 settings then they're here on my website.

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