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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux

Why the Gong makes us high

In the 60’s it was the thing to do. The flower children would ingest natural drugs to get high as a kite,and then go do some Kundalini Yoga.

At that time it was thehippiest thing going. It soon became apparent to the young druggies that doingpowerful kundalini yoga and pranayama just burnt out the substances thatbrought all of us to the yoga class, and then took us way beyond the mushroomor cannabis state into a more refined blissful stratosphere.


Especially, when in thechill out corpse position of Savasana afterwards, we would listen to the gongand then it would take us higher than the kite that brought us there.


We would say, “doing thebreath of fire make you higher.” It was our new age mantra.


Nowadays, nostalgia of thoseinitial experiences is something fondly remembered by aging hippies. For it wasthe turning point of many lives at that time of a generation looking toward amore universal spirituality.


It was the natural highproduced by the nada yoga of the gong experience that was the most powerfulmemory, for it was non addictive, inexpensive, legal and didn’t have a downside. Happily, it remains so today when we experience a full body immersion intotal sound.


The now popularly conceived gongbath has become an accepted supportive psychological sound tool that is beingacknowledged world-wide as a stand alone, even without the support of anyreligious context.


Doing Gong Yoga producesGong Consciousness and the state of Gong Samadhi, or what is called the Blissstate of Anandamaya Kosha naturally found at the conclusion of a completed setof Kriya Kundalini exercises.


The holistic yoga of thegong as taught today includes breath, stretch, and focused intention in amodified context that is accessible to all modern people. It is non-exclusiveof age, culture or religious and political leanings.


Life is a mystery to belived, not a problem to be solved is an out of the box perspective taken by theaware planetary person of today.


The mystery of fullness oftone is being unraveled before us today as science discovers the effect ofsound on the brain/mind of the listener who feels tactile waves of audible gongtone.


Gong therapy is a naturaloutgrowth of the 60’s gong phenomena now, which in itself was perhaps a genesisof ancient origins going back to the dawn of modern humanity.


Much can be said about thegong now and its relevance to the coming times of global



The lid of “Gongdora’s Box”is open now and society is ready to reap its benefits.


The Gong Teachings arededicated to this unfoldment.

(to be continued…)    

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