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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash

Chattering teeth in rhythm with my heart

Clattering teeth in with the rhythm of my heart

We must find every available doorway in and out of ourselves to bring the source of light the sound of the healing creation from within, draw it out and share it with the world around us. And then in return, bring the light that pours down onto the earth, that makes life grow from the sun, stars and planets; bring that life into our inner earth and let it illuminate all the dark spaces of doubt and ignorance that we hold so dear. This is a two way process, a six lane motorway, with three lanes in each direction. We need to use what we have, make use skilfully of all the routes in and out, and so grow in harmony.

The indigenous teachers of South America, the Kogi say that the difference between us humans and other life forms is that although we all have the ability and function of holding the web of life together, keeping the web intact. We humans choose to not do this; we do choose, or can choose to separate ourselves from seeing this function as important or essential. All other creatures, plants and life forms are simply safe within the gardens boundary, they have not departed from Eden. We humans chose to leave long ago because of shame, the story is held in our belief, our psyche in our history and genetics. Crazy, we believe that we are sinners, we believe that we are unworthy of living in peace. What a shame, what a sham, what a lie; we can come home, that is if we choose. Each one of us has the responsibility to make other choices, choices that not only impact on us individually, but also on the rest of the human family and upon the whole magnificent web of life. Free choice, now this is where we come into our power. Moment by moment we can choose to reconnect ourselves, hold the web together with outstretched hands, gripping the web of life and breathing all parts of it into a whole.


“Unclench your jaw you silly sod” I say to myself as I sit in my morning meditation.

Releasing my face with a little smile, my strong roundish tongue fits snugly between my upper and lower pearly whites finding a place to be still, supporting and being supported.

Closing my eyes, softening again all the tiny muscles of my face, more muscle groups here than in any other part of the body, so the scientists say. Relax Steven, relax. Eye lids north and south meet, morning wetness touching, outer pictures cease, away outer world away. Inside I see the sound of me, whirring in a softish, even beat, glowing and throbbing.

My teeth touch, rock on stone, finding their fit, shaped over years of grinding, clenching, gripping, chattering and above all chewing. Breathing into their fragile meeting place, where they shake together in a clattering space, like a lid settling on a sauce pan, finding its place of settlement, sort of snug. I watch and listen.

Lift the weight ever so slightly, relax and watch a little more deeply, my whole face watches the shivering, shaking gap between the portcullis of enamelled teeth.

As I listen, look and watch a set rhythm unfolds, a pulse emerges; and the more that I ease back into this moment and the movement, my clattering teeth, trained and muscled jaw un-does itself, it releases. Like soft feathers touching, jaw on jaw, tooth within tooth shaped groove vibrate with my surging hearts beat. If I follow with my eyes and ears, and the feel of my thumb resting on the radial pulse of my wrist. I can sense these waves stretching from the cavernous hollow of my mouth into my skull, facial structures, pounding softly in my ears. Keep looking for the distance of extension, the teeth keeping perfect time, like a drummer holding a rattle with his beater…now I can travel.

We all beat on a common drum, my father said when he described the relationship between the breath, the heart beat and all life around us. If we can find that common denominator, more a common memory of living in the Garden of Eden, well maybe we will arrive and be at one, in unity with the common wonderful life around us. Every cell of our being has life that is part of the whole. The drum beat of the human consciousness, fine and fast as the brain waves, as individually expressive as the internal body organs, as even as the beating of the heart, as sure and obvious as each in and out breath and like the wings of a butterfly slow and soft as the cranio-sacral rhythm, then maybe we can find our way home. 

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