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Fabien Maman
from: Fabien Maman

Shamanism of the Light

Faery/Shaman, Terres Unsoeld of the Tama-Do Academy of Sound Color and Moment, offersher new book as a glorious opportunity to transmit the teachings
that await us all when we touch the Light and live it in our daily life.


It’s a beautifuljourney, which is never finished.


Her book is divided intofour parts.  We shall touch on all four parts in the workshop in the UK In May 19-21st! (see the Events list)

Volume I:  Shamanism of the Light® offers an overview of my new paradigmof healing which includes energy work, Spiritual practice andself-knowledge.  We learn about our Spiritual roots and the Masters ofLight who have come before us with their ancient Mystery Teachings.  Welearn about our noble hero’s quest and our Arrow of Destiny with its gates andgifts.  We challenge traditional therapies that focus on the dark and heedthe call to “flip it!” and go to the Light!  We prepare ourselves for ourShamanique Journey of Light by learning a Sacred code of conduct, which is usedby those wishing to contact the faeries, flowers, devas and Master Trees.

Volume II:  Rainbow Rays, Faeries and Flowers opens our hearts and mindsto the magical realm of the fée.  We learn what are Rainbow Rays andFaeries and where we can find them.  Faeries love flowers!  By gazingat my photographs of wild alpine flowers, we can feel the vibrations of thefaeries!  We learn how to contact them.  We open ourselves to theLight.

Volume III:  Devas of Nature continues our auric practice with theelemental devas in the heart of Nature.  We learn where to find the devasof the earth, water, fire, air and ether and how to contact them.  TheseBeings of Light, who share the same habitat of the Master Trees, act as amirror to facilitate the expansion of our Soul development.  They teach usthat what we put into the life is what we get in return.  They prepare usfor the noble work of the Master Trees.  Because they are made of Light,they know how to reveal the Divine within each of us.  We practice thewonder, joy, power and nobility of being alive. 


Volume IV:  The 8Master Trees of the Tree Zodiaque plunges us into the Initiatique work of the 8Master Trees of the Tree Zodiaque.  Each of the 8 Master Trees correspondto one of the 8 Initiatique Rites of Passage in our lives.  These auspiciousoccasions (birth, ages 7, 21, 33, 42, 50, 60 and death) are when the Beings ofLight, Master Trees and Stars stand witness to a convergence of energy comingfrom the Divine to support the growth of our Soul.  We find the gifts ofour gates through the symbolism of the Master Trees, and by working in theenergy fields of their aura, we open our Souls to the Light.


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