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Anna Skelton

The Art Of Playing The Gong - Online Training


We get a lot of reports of people doing short trainings or generic sound healing trainings, but when it comes down to it, there can be a lack of confidence around playing the gong and holding the space.

The gong is an incredible but complex instrument. You do not have to be musical to learn to play, but there are things to learn to do and NOT to do to become a confident player.

We have designed a comprehensive online training is designed for:

Those new to the gong who want to become a Gong Practitioner
People who have had sound healing training already, but lack confidence playing the gong
Established holistic practitioners who may want to add the gong as an extra revenue stream.

 You will learn:

How to play the gong with confidence How to buy the right gong for you 
How to hold beautiful gong baths in different, locations and situations  
Breathwork and meditation sequences to relax your clients before the gong 
How to travel with your gong and earn a living 
How to hold gong baths in corporate organisations 
How to get the best reproduction quality of the gong online 
Self-transformation practices for yourself to enhance your intuition whilst playing 
Receive a certificate ... and much more...

To find out more:

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