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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Sound Healing

Sacred Drumming Part 3

Sacred Drumming - Ancient Sound Healing

Part 3 “In drums the healing”

In the last two articles we have looked at the foundationsof medicine drumming. We have not started on using the drum for healing yet because this most ancient of sound healing instruments can tend to open“Pandora’s Box”; so as much as possible we want to be as safe as possible, with no encouragement towards freaking out or severe cathars is happening. I have emphasized that if you stay within the guide lines of smudging with sage smoke and keeping your self and all those you work with in the sacred space of the medicine wheel all will be well.

As they say on the BBC "So if you are sitting comfortably, we can begin!"

Sit a friend on a chair facing the direction of their choice. East is for new beginnings, south is transformation and healing, west is forgiveness and release of the old, north is the invisible world and a mystery!

Smudge both your friend and yourself with sage and call up the powers of the medicine wheel, making sure that the space is sweet, safe and warm. Begin the drumming very gently with even beats down and up the back,focusing on clearing the past and Akashic records, move sun-wise around to the left side and clear all concepts of “receiving” move to the front and clear with this regular and gentle drumming like a heart beat the future possibilities for your dear friend sitting in front of you. Move to the rightside and do the same very gentle drumming and focusing on the way your friendgives to the world.

As you are moving around and around the body drumming gently into the field of energy listen to the way the drum sounds. Is the sound hollow or flat? Does it seem to enter in some places and bounce back in others? Look with your inner eye the sound of the drum as if the sound is carrying information in and drawing information out. You may see pictures and hear melodies or words needing to be spoken. Follow your intuition, go within the flow and trust that you are being guided.

When you have finished, thank the powers of the medicine wheel and ensure that your friend is grounded with a big glass of water to drink with some beautiful Rainbow Essences, wash your hands and sit down together and have an exchange of experiences.

In the Sacred Drumming Practitioners course we use this asone of the healing protocols and when done right it is an amazing experiencefor both giver and receiver.

I find the gentler and more sensitive you are in the drumming the more effective the session will be, if you crash around like a bull in a china shop, noisily banging and going crazy, the clients energy shields go up as if they are being attacked.

Have a go with this drum healing method; it is a well used and an enchanting gift to give to a friend on a cold and windy afternoon. If youhave any questions please contact me through it would also be interesting to hear back from any readers about your experiences.

What I love about the drum is that in our society we only recognise the drum as an instrument of entertainment, in holding music steady, giving music depth and majesty. The drums function in ceremony, personal transformation and healing is a deeply held secret, hidden within the subconscious memory of all that has been born from the womb of the mother. The sacred drum helps us to remember our roots, travelling gently back to our source, reconnecting and releasing fear held and trapped in our tissue memory. I wish you well in your exploration; go safely and with compassion and respect. We humans are majestic; everythingis in perfect proportion with the golden mean. Potentially everything is in balance; and we all deserve to have a beautiful experience within this potential. By drumming the alignment of the human being with the heart beat of the Earth Mother, an increase of beauty happens and the rest of the illusion drifts off into history with a great big smile on its face.  

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