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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Drumming

Humming Drum

Every medicine drum has a hum, this the pathway upon which the drum beat runs. When you beat drum on its sweet spot, this you find by exploring the drum sound, moving over the face until you hear the hum as a continuous note.  It will sound like a resonant river moving between and within the beat.

Listen to this hum, make sounds with your throat to copy and stay with the hum. Move off the hum and then back in setting up a wave motion of sound in time with your breath, breathing with the drum aligns you into the universal harmony. You can then extend this into the cranio-sacral rhythm, which is slower and longer than the breath, the cranio-sacral rhythm is the living bodies fluid pump equalising the pressure between the central nervous system and brain, and the body plasma as it crosses the dural membrane. This humming sound wave motion is a most wonderful inner healing meditation and can be visualised as a butterfly opening and closing its wings.

When you have established the hum on the drum and you are stable in the wave flow, you can then use this pathway to travel. The drum beat is going to keep you on track, helping you to stay in focus, allowing you to stay steady as you trot, canter or gallop towards where you want to go.

Maybe you want to do some healing and you have opened the medicine wheel and are ready to work. Get your beat and get your hum, and then look with your inner seeing eye towards those people you wish to send healing to; take one at a time, look at each one in turn on the face of the drum, they are facing you like in a mirror.

Drum to them, looking, listening and feeling with them, in empathy with their needs, knowing that everything is perfect and going in accordance with their soul plan. With drum you are just moving them on, helping them to shift their energy forward and onwards. If you know what is wrong go to that place in their body as you see the picture on your drum. If you do not know what is wrong follow your intuition, placing the beat into where the hum sound and beat is guiding you. Go through the Qi meridians or chakras, watching and penetrating the hum and beat into the light body as if they are physically with you. Taking all the power of the medicine wheel that you prayed up in the beginning. You are not doing this alone, you have guidance and resources beyond measure.

Let drum be your way of staying on track, sounding in healing and taking them forward on their original life path. When you are finished and are ready, return your attention back into where you are sitting, resettle your spirit into the here and now, and give thanks.

Maybe you now want to feel healing towards your own shadow, get things clearer for yourself and become more balanced. You will want to drum with your attention in the west, traditionally this is the door of the shadow land, where the day dies at sundown, where the autumn of release and surrender can be seen and experienced. It is through the west door that we take our last breath and leave this earth made body. Our Ancestors are in the west and according to their soul growth during their time on earth move into the north where the great souls can be accessed, they have evolved beyond death, examples are Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Pte San Win, White Feather and your spirit guides, they may be beings who have quietly achieved the nature of ascended master without notoriety.

With your drum humming focus your seeing eye into the grandfathers and grandmothers of your family, ask for their help in your work. If a steady process of ancestor remembering is created on the drum rich personal rewards and gifts will be received.

Exploring the quadrant of the ancestors further is another subject to explore with the drum, which we can do in a later article. What is important for now is to see drum as a super sensitive means of travelling in the capacity of a healer, helping you to stay in focus and send beams of love to specific destinations. Look into the sound beyond the beat and let this humming resonance become a safe means of journeying.

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