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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
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Making Space for Healing to Occur

Making Space for Healing to Occur

by Steven and Renata Ash

For each of us to be effective healers we need to practice making space available within ourselves for healing to occur. Healing is a natural function of living tissue, it is the criteria that separates living from dead tissue, you don’t need examples described, its there obvious in our lives. Dr Michael Ash stated “The most important law in medicine is absent from every medical text book, that the difference between living and dead tissue is that living tissues heals itself” So the question is how can we encourage and enhance the healing process. Is it by being full of ideas and techniques or is it by being available, compassionate and ready to be of service? Maybe it is the combination of the two. We need to know what we are doing and in this we need to be an expert. But that professionalism does not need to dominate over our natural compassion, loving intention, and trust.

As part of Sacred Drumming we have a sunday evening distance healing group developing, week by week getting more focused and strong. This is a powerful resource for all of us to be able to send healing, receive healing and have a group activity that unites our focus.

During the week a list of people who are requesting healing is gathered and then during the specified time on Sunday evenings we all send healing to the people on the list from wherever we are.

The list of people asking for help is getting longer and the question has arisen “How do we find the focus to follow down the list visualising each individual benefitting, one by one?”

This is a huge task, both time and energy consuming, but there is a way that has been practiced throughout the world by all the healers that ever graced this planet. This way is the answer to the above question - in fact it is the only answer that can be given where the work of a healer - whether at a distance or in person -  is concerned.

We all tend to forget, that healing is beyond the confines of space and time. It is also beyond the capacity of our intellect to understand.

Healing is first and foremost an act of faith and trust - knowing that there is a source of infinite love and power that will collaborate with us if we are only humble enough to ask for help.

Our task then in being involved in distant healing or any healing at all, is to become so empty ourselves that this wonderful light and love can flow through us unimpeded and reach the people who are asking for help. Our job is not to direct or control the healing in any way or request a certain way of healing - our job is to hold the intent to be the empty flute through which this beautiful healing music can flow to bring healing that works for the highest good of all the people involved.

We visualise a beautiful bowl of light at the beginning of the distant healing session, into which all the names of the people requesting healing are being placed. Once we have smudged, created sacred space and opened ourselves up to the healing energies to flow, we speak a silent prayer, that healing may happen in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned, and then we let go into the drumming, sending our prayers from our heart to Great Spirit on the steady beat of the drum. Drum is the mediator between us and Spirit, she becomes our voice and our ally. Drum connects us as a circle, uniting our hearts in the common goal of selflessly asking for help for our sisters and brothers.

By letting go of our preconceived ideas about what the healing result should be, we open the space up for true healing to happen. Healing doesn’t always mean that a person regains their health. Sometimes healing can be the soothing balm that allows a person to come to terms with their condition and if it is their time to go, to pass over in peace with love in their hearts. 

It is difficult for us as members of a goal and result oriented society to let go of our ideas about what should happen; to let go of the solutions that our professional training as therapists and doctors deems appropriate.

Healing is always a miracle and approaching healing from this perspective takes trust.

But in these strange and unsettling times truly nothing else will do to see us safely to the other shore.

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