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Steven Ash
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Drum Healing at a Distance

Drum healing at a distance

Drum healing at a distance has become part of our morning meditation routine. It is a wonderful way of being useful, knowing that we can do something to help others is fulfilling. We are a circle, a family of drum healers, there are many of us doing the same especially on Sunday evenings at 6.30-7. 

Create a list of people and places that require healing.

Drum is an amazing instrument for distance healing, keeping you focused on your intent, surrounding you with an aura of sound that cannot be invaded by distractions.

Drum as if you are riding a pony or horse, you are being carried by drum to do your spirit work; sit safely and steer your pony. Enjoy, smile and concentrate your light as you go into this healing adventure, the outcome is not for you to see.

Opening the medicine wheel

When you have opened the medicine wheel and you feel secure in attracting all the beneficial aspects of the sacred directions to your self, return to the south.

In the south call in the powers of healing from all the directions.

Call upon your spirit guides, archangels, ancestors and living teachers to be with you.

Distance healing begins

Tap on your drum rapidly gaining focus upon those people and places that you have on your list.

Focus on each person in turn, seeing them placed within the centre of the circle, into the empty space where all the energy is flowing.


You may wish to concentrate on one particular person.

Visualise that person on the face of your drum with your eyes closed, seeing from your third eye.

Look at their whole energy body and scan them with the drum beat, going round and around; if you know where the problem lies focus on that area and begin to pulse the rapid beat into their needs drawing in assistance from your spiritual resources. If you do not know a specific problem just trust what you see using the drum beat as your guide. Remember you are being guided by your spirit helpers and guides from the north.

When the drum beat feels even all over and they are shining with golden light go onto the next subject.

Global needs

You may wish to concentrate on a global need for example Arctic, Amazon, Nepal or Syria.

Visualise the country as if you are seeing over the globe of mother earth, travel with the beat of your drum to the place. Imagine strongly the landscape, the people, and their needs.

Draw on the sacred powers and drum your compassion and love into the pictures, know that you are one of many doing the same, you are not alone. Finish by imagining golden light flowing into these people and their landscape.

Bring your self back strongly with your drum beat when you have finished.

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