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Since the very beginning of creation, every one of us has been searching for the first primordial beat of life, the pulse that runs through our entire body connecting us back to the heart beat of Mother Earth - the mother drum. Once we are an orchestra of finely tuned instruments playing harmoniously with the spirit world as the conductor of energy. We all need to come together again as one voice, one song, one spirit and ‘drum’ the world alive...

I come from spirit, I am spirit, and I will return to spirit, I have never forgotten. There is a great peace and joy, coming from the one; being birthed from the stillness, travelling down a very long tunnel of sound, vibration, along the tunnel of light, like travelling down a river and hearing a very loud noise as you go over the waterfall, dropping down forever into the water below. You feel like you are drowning and then you hit the surface and gasp for air, that is how I describe my birth, into the world of the self.

My first incarnate memory was when I was in my mother’s womb.  Then there were two hearts beating, mine and hers.  Our first soul memory was as a baby in our mother’s womb, hearing the continuous heartbeat of our mother’s heart as it soothed us.  Bom-bom, bom-bom, is the heartbeat of the Earth and the rhythm of all life.  It connects us back to a time when there was no separation and when we were all one in the womb of Mother Earth.  Many Native Americans call the drum beat the heartbeat of Mother Earth because the drum can connect us to the memory of when we all once experienced one heart with one beat and one life. 

Our present day disconnection from this wisdom is causing much dis-ease.  The human heartbeat and the heartbeat of the earth are now out of alignment.   The drum will bring back into balance the two heartbeats as one.  Earth beats at a frequency of about 10 each second.  Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific resonant frequency, re-creating as many voices the one Voice.  We were all once part of what the ancient Celts called the ‘Oran Mora’ and Eastern mystics refer to as the Cosmic Aum, the great primal song of the universe. 

As a child I remember singing out loud, banging on jars and tins pans or whatever I could find.  Like many of you, I was told to shut up and was punished for bringing forth joyful noise. For me it was music, but for my parents and other adults our sound-making was intolerable.  Where did the ceasing of our spirit song stop, when did we stop singing, making music and dancing? Throughout the world since the beginning of time all peoples all tribes had drums.  They were used as the song of the soul until modern times.  The African people were not allowed to take their drums when they were being shipped to America as slaves.  The drum contained their spirit, so taking away their drums took away their spirit.  Similarly, women in many cultures were stopped from drumming, speaking, singing, and dancing to take away their spirit.  They were disempowered as drummers, of the keepers of sacred knowledge over and over again through different traditions.  Once woman held sacred wisdom through sound, music and dance, and the drum was the vehicle of the journey. 

Now a balance is coming into place when both men and women are drumming together as one beat one song as one, and what each and every one of us is doing is reconnecting back to a time when we were all drummers and keepers of the sacred knowledge of sound. By connecting with the ancient instruments which have been played since the beginning of time we are part of wise and ancient traditions spanning thousands of years.  

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