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Lyz Cooper
from: Lyz Cooper
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The Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life

By Lyz Cooper – an excerpt from ‘Sounding the Mind of God’

Since time began we have been governed and moved by rhythm.  Rhythm is within us; it is surrounding us and we cannot live without it. From the sound of our heartbeat to the movement of the heavenly bodies we all move to the rhythm of life. Our first sonic experience would have been our mother’s heartbeat and the whooshing of the blood rushing through her veins; perhaps this is why the gentle lub-dub of a heart-beat is so comforting. 


When you hear a prolonged drum beat you automatically entrain to its rhythm. You are also influenced by the tone of the drum and the harmonics contained within its song.  When you play a drum you make a connection with the sound of the drum as well as establish a relationship with the animal that helped the drum to be born; by playing a drum made from animal skin you are allowing the animal to live on through your rhythm.


Drumming synchronizes the left and right  hemispheres of the brain and balances the masculine/active and feminine/receptive energies within. Drumming improves the effectiveness of the immune system and reduces stress. Studies undertaken by renowned cancer expert Barry Bittman MD demonstrated that group drumming actually increases cancer- killing cells. According to Bittman, “group drumming tunes our biology, orchestrates our immunity, and enables healing to begin.”


What rhythm are you in?

There are times when life takes on a gentle, easy and meandering rhythm and other times when life seems to move very fast. The different rhythms of life have an overall effect on our health and wellbeing and also have an impact on our life.


How many times have you got out of bed in a hurry, stubbed your toe, tripped over the cat, knocked into the door and known that you had a bad day ahead? Could this be because you have “set” the energy rhythm for the day on some level? Different states of being have different rhythm signatures which manifest in the form of thoughts, feelings, events, symptoms and dis-eases. I believe that we have an overall rhythm of life and by discovering this rhythm you can easily find balance by using simple techniques with your drum.


Try this exercise:

March around like a soldier in a 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 rhythm.  Really get into the feeling that this rhythm gives you.

Now try a waltzing 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 rhythm.

How did each rhythm feel?
Do you have a preference, if so which rhythm did you prefer?

I'd love to hear from you via the forum or via my email address


Sacred Practice

Drumming with intention is an ancient practice.  I have been travelling to Lapland for many years and have worked with a Sami Shamanka there, I am also the adopted granddaughter of a Bear Grandfather of the Pikuni nation and am so grateful for the knowledge that has been shared by these wonderful teachers.  I have drawn from their teachings as well as my own experience and now teach a range of transformational workshops and professional training courses.


The drum is an extremely powerful tool and so easy to play - you do not have to be an accomplished musician.  If you want to have first-hand experience of how the drum helps improve health and wellbeing or want to make your own medicine drum and learn a range of techniques for self-healing and transformation, please contact me – I’ll be pleased to help!

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