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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Drumming

Winter Solstice Ancestor Drumming


We are approaching winter solstice at the speed of light, the moon is quarter and building by the moment, sparkling in silver shards as she chases her lover the sun over the southern sky. It will be full moon on that longest night just over a week away, her dance will be ours to follow, we can dance into the spring on quicksilver steps knowing that we have chosen well in how we celebrate our lives within the cycles of the year.

Winter is so good for settling into our roots, coming down to earth after the speed of this seasons doings, we have all done so much, spoken so much, shared and grown so much, in truth it’s been “All Too Much” and now it is time to STOP. Just stop the train in its tracks and try to not DO anything. Really difficult isn’t it? We are so lost in the habit of being busy, whizzing around in a momentum of achievement after achievement. Nature and the cycles of the year help us, winter especially, to break away from the running, slow down to a walk, making us look around and be grateful for what we have. Letting the engine idle, just ticking over, no accelerator, no brake…just be still.

Get ready now by practicing what nature is teaching; nature is leaning into the north of the medicine wheel into the realm of dark light. This is the place of mystery, the unknown and where we are all going, and besides, in past lives we have been there often, we have been through the doorway of death and waited for new life, deep down in our subconscious we know the North because we are the ancestors reborn, as are our children, they are reborn like the daffodils in the spring. Its cold outside, so relax and read a book, or do those odd little jobs like putting up the lace curtains to keep out Jack Frost, and consider as you do so your ancestors, and question yourself on the way you know them. How much do you see them in yourself, and in this knowing, how much is missing, or being avoided by you. The veils between the worlds are very thin and your ancestors can hear every word you whisper, especially now in these cold winter nights.

 Some of these ancestors are very high beings. When you imagine an arc like a rainbow curving from the West to the East over and through the door of the North, divine or feel the placement of those who have walked before you. Those who have lived their lives of little spirit growth, maybe not chosen love as a priority they will seem dim and still down near the West door. Whereas those who have grown, made good choices, loved well and left this life in a bolt of light, you will feel their presence up near the North door in the realm of the ascended masters. These relatives, ascended masters and spirit guides are your ancestors, thats who you will be joining when you drop your mantle. So now is the opportunity to make contact through your drum into the realm of the mysteries in the North.


Smudge your self with sweet smoke of sage with a feather wand, and then open the medicine wheel by honouring the seven sacred directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, then South, West, North, East and finally within yourself. Face the North, and begin to gently drum on your heart beat, and then let the drum beat change and lead your vision and consciousness. With your eyes closed focus your attention between the eyes into the third eye and gaze with humility into the mystery. Look towards those souls that you love and admire, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Jesus and Buddha, the spirit guides you have learnt to know and trust. Now look to see if you can see those lovely souls who loved and cared for you, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, keep going back and collect for yourself, into your memory, re-member, re-collect these fine beneficial beings of light, and add them to your life. Welcome these higher and clearer souls into your life just like picking flowers, settling them into your heart.

This is what winter solstice is for, going deep into the North lands, visiting the councils of elders, their knowledge and wisdom is a hairs breadth away. Mother drum is your mobile phone, she will carry you on her sound and waves of vibration, safely and with care, drum is your pony, let her carry you and then bring you home.

When you have finished this exercise, say thank you to each of the seven sacred directions, all around you, up and down and inside, be grateful to be at home.

Enjoy your winter my soul family, make the best of it, rest and await the spring that will follow, but for now see the opportunities that are here during the cold long nights and become prepared in a wise way for your future over the Eastern horizon.

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