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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
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Sacred Drumming Medicine Path Cards

This time last year I was just beginning my programme of rehabilitation at Althofen, up the Glan valley running North South from here. In this time space, in this bardo, huge growth has happened, death of this body and being kept alive by an amazing team of women doctors and surgeons. Being loved and cared for by Renata, my family, and friends I recovered to better than before. I now live with four mesh tubes holding my arteries open, a heart that feels twice its original size and an attitude to match.

In this period Renata and I have created the Sacred Drumming Medicine Path Cards, she produced an amazing set of small paintings (inspired by Jane Slemeck SD using Visual Medicine by Suzette Clough) to which I added symbols and a section of text. These are being published in Deutsch and English and will be out this year. This is a team effort in the editing and translations, with Mirijam Marx SD, Antje and Bernhard Keimel both SD, Suzie and David Ash all contributing their time and expertise, a huge thank you travels from us both to you.

The 60 Sacred Drumming Medicine Path Cards are the next stage on in our work. We are all on a medicine path, the medicine of our souls growth and development. There are many paths crossing and running parallel to each other, and a clear set of tools to assist us as we each walk forward. For each of us this journey is based upon CHOICE, if you want to bring the whole set of tools and paths into one word it is CHOICE.

So now I am going to pull a card from the pack, one by one and show you the paintings and symbols. The cards are an oracle, so enjoy their symbolism and text. When they come out you can buy a set and play the game of CHOICE to your hearts content.

How appropriate! The card that slipped into my hand is the East Card, our new beginnings, gratitude for each day and each new breath, wonderful.



KEY WORDS  Spring  Fresh  New life  Awakening  Buds  Birds  Living teachers  Dawn  Sunrise  Beginnings  New start  Birth, Golden door  Flight  Air  Light  Adventure  Stand up  New chapter

KEY WORDS spring, fresh, new life, awakening, buds, birds, living teachers, dawn, sunrise, beginnings, new start, birth, golden door, flight, air, light, adventure, stand up, new chapter

WISDOM The base power of the East is new beginnings. New beginnings are happening all the time. Every moment is new. Every breath is a new breath. Our challenge is to remember. The mind keeps returning to the illusionary pictures of the past and the scanty projections into the future. How can the mind find the magic in this moment? What tools have you got to keep this mind in check and bring your attention into the obvious reality of NOW. We are riding the constant wave of nowness, and East is that wave unfolding. The East will never stop being. Constantly life is being born. On the horizon somewhere the sun is coming up, a baby is being born, a breath is being taken and a new idea is being formed. East is the light bursting forth, the tender leaf bud unfolding and a bird taking flight. We wake up, we arise, we inspire. East is the start, the golden door, it’s the "A Ha” moment, the eureka, the big bang. The East cannot stop springing forth and exploding in light. The East cannot stop smiling, and teaching us to awaken to our brilliance. Ho, living teachers wake up to your brilliance.

THE CARD If you have chosen the East Card then you are being told to wake up to your potential. Get off the fence and become responsible for your growth and the direction humanity is taking. "If it’s not you then who?” All I know is that if you do not say to Spirit that you are available then Spirit will give the opportunity to someone else. Now is the time to step off the cliff edge and trust that Spirit will support your faith in the great power of Grace. 

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