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Steven Ash
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Middle World Journeys with a drum or rattle

Middle World Journeys with a drum or rattle


In Sacred Drumming we explore our relationships with the powers of the sacred directions using the drum to speak a language into that we seek. The voice of the drum carries our friendship, our willingness to listen, going way beyond the limitations of our conditioned human concepts.


“The Elders had a way of tolerating uncomfortable places when they travelled. They would stand facing either south or north and sing certain songs over and over until the people felt better” Bear Heart


Journey into the middle world 


The middle world is where we are living, it includes all the realms in which we co exist with other life forms. If you are going to enter a being, be it plant, animal or mineral and you are going to seek its cooperation and communion you need to be humble and empty. You can seek into something from your memory or it can be the real thing, a tree or boulder, or an object that you have with you that you can hold in your hand. Spend a bit of time looking with the assistance of spirit towards that which you wish to explore. A plant with flowers is a wonderful being to practice on, to befriend ask to enter the spirit of the plant through its flower as if you are entering a funnel.


Here are two methods:


Start by smudging with sage or artemisia, breathe 13 conscious breaths and relaxed, the room is dark, quiet and also smudged, and you are wearing loose comfortable clothes. Face each direction and with your rattle or drum ask for protection, and make your prayers.


Method 1: Lie down on the floor, receive a few more breathes, relax your arms, face and legs and for a few moments look ahead towards your mission into the middle world. Place your hand or forearm over your eyes blocking out any remaining light.

Visualise yourself looking at the object in your presence; it is an experience that welcomes you, look at it for a while before you begin to enter, smell it listen to it and if possible taste it, allow all of your senses to be involved. Respectfully bow and see yourself as being equal, not inferior or superior and ask for permission to enter.

This is the method; set up a steady fast drum beat of 180-220 beats per minute for fifteen minutes. And you will exit when you make four distinct drum beats, followed half a minute later by four more distinct drum beats.

When you are ready enter, accompanied by your familiar, or spirit guide, and hold a stone in your hand or mouth. Remember the sights, conversations, impressions on route, be in your power and know you can return at any time. If you are given a gift bring it back with you.

If you reach an obstacle, find a way around. If you are blocked turn around and exit come out and relax, it is important to make this easy for yourself.

When you feel you are ready to exit, let the drum call you back, sit up and remember your story. If nothing has happened do not be discouraged, you can try it again with a slower beat.


Method 2: Sit or stand having and holding the object you wish to journey into. Begin the drum beat in rhythm to your heart, extend your heart beat into the object you are seeking to journey into, imagining that it to has a heart beat or a base frequency, allow the drum to find this frequency until you are in synchronicity together like friends holding hands. Travel in and enjoy the relationship with your imagination and inner child. When you are finished give a feeling of gratitude to the spirit of the object and return to your heart beat, slowly come out of the experience, and give four solid drum beats to end your journey. 


These are very simple methods that work beautifully. When we are creating the Rainbow Essences it is through the drum journeys that we learn the actions of the flowers, gem stones and minerals. The essences are regularly updated and it is again by drumming into the picture of the thirteen chakras and asking “Rosie” the guiding spirit to show us what is required.

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