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Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training and One day courses for CPD

SACRED DRUMMING Continued Professional Education Workshops 2017 Spiritual Hygiene for Sound Healers 19 May 2017 This one day CPD training will give you the foundational daily practices that ensure you and your clients are safe beyond question.

Having a clear and distinctive routine in your daily practice as a medicine person will give you reassurance and confidence in providing a safe environment for unconditional love to manifest and powerful healing to occur. The Peruvian Healing Rites of Munay-Ki 30 June 2017 In this CPD training you will receive the four foundational Munay-Ki rites.

These four initiations are known to increase the practitioner’s healing ability, strengthen the body’s energy field, enhance inner vision and create a bond of power with the shamanic archetypes of the Quechua medicine people of Peru.

These rites, once received in sacred ceremony from practicing Earth Keepers, can then be passed on to family, friends and clients as needed. Sound and Rhythm for the 13 Chakras of the Aquarian Age 22 September 2017 The human energy body has gone through a huge transformation since 1987. Many more chakras have become active above the head, below the feet and in the heart.

In this CPD training day you will explore the full thirteen chakras using Qi Kung, alchemical essences, affirmations, rhythm and sound. This is a powerful healing experience that can make a true difference in the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. The Forgotten Presence of the Goddess in the Medicine Wheel 25 September 2017 The aim of this workshop is to reawaken the presence of the Divine Feminine within the ancient teachings of the Medicine Wheel through ceremony, meditation, rhythm and sound.

Awareness and devotion to the Great Mother in her many forms used to be an integral part of all ancient societies before patriarchal dominance usurped her place in our lives and spiritual practice. Remembering her presence opens us up to receiving her mystical gifts and adds new depth to our lives. She is the ancient source of power that has been ours to draw upon since time immemorial.

Healing Ancestral and Family Wounds with Drum and Rattle 3 November 2017?Ancestral and family wounds are held in the body energy field and are expressed in our habitual behaviour to others and ourselves. In this CPD training we will explore methods of accessing memories, pictures and experiences that are awaiting healing. We will be using rattles and drums to expose and release these hidden, locked-in issues that are travelling down the generations unchallenged.

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