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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Drumming

Distance Healing Drumming

Drum is a wonderful instrument for sending focused healing to others. It keeps you in time with the Now, keeping you in focus. It’s the combination of your body moving, the visual gentle repetition and the sound of the heart beat, plus a humming resonance within the drum that changes, weaves and carries that something, that energy of love that is within you and me. The heart beat on drum brings it forth, it brings the hearts love out in a focused form so that the mind can send this love like an arrow to its destination.

Each Sunday evening for half an hour from 6.30-7 a group of us are sending drum healing to a list complied and shown on Facebook. There are around 16 core drummers who consistently hold the space plus another 100 or so taking part when they can.

Life is built upon synchronised rhythms and frequencies, and for us human beings it is the rhythm of the breath and the blood pulse marking the heart beat which brings us together. Do you need reminding of this fact? Well, I do because I tend to forget that which is most important, like breathing, or sending good thoughts and feelings to others, are you not the same?

Over the years I have found it difficult to stay focused when doing distance healing, my mind wanders, I think of other things and get distracted. I need a regular and clear method where I know others are joining me and we are building a force field that has a global effect towards enhancing all life.

We are the dreamers in the great dream. All life on this beautiful spinning world is dreaming, even the rocks, mountains and rivers. It is all a huge co creative dream in the making, and who is the dreamer? It is the spark within our individual soul, held in the heart between our inner child and our oversoul or higher being. Within this spark of consciousness between the creator above pouring down the golden light and the creator within receiving and returning with gratitude, in this living moment it is happening.

So we are catching these dreaming moments and as a team, we are seeing a vision unfold for the future of our children and their children seven generations to come. We can dream this into becoming if we wish, if we choose to work as a team, more as a circle. Putting into the centre of the circle all those who have need, drumming the heart beat towards them with no expectation or agenda, just doing it because it feels right.

Join us if you wish, tell Renata via the facebook group so that we build up the charge, build up the quantity of lovers of life becoming a force to be reckoned with. It must be kept light and fun, we are the children of life longing for itself as Kahil Gibran states in the Prophet. This is our time to make a difference, and let the Sacred Drum be the carrier of the beat.

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