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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Drumming

NO MANS LAND 14-04-15

In the middle of Germany to the east is a corner where not long past East Germany met West Germany, and where now Germany borders onto the Czech Republic, which until recently was part of the Eastern Block. This border land is an hours walk from Laubbuehl or Leaf Hill where we are living for a year, we have built a stone circle and medicine wheel covering the whole area of the farm and small holding, here we hold regular moon, solstice and equinox, plus drum making and  Inipi or sweat lodge ceremonies.

I have cycled along this border land, and walked with my son John through no mans land. The change from the abundance and neatness of regular German life to the bleak empty land of ploughed fields and tall pine forest is solid and distinct. Lost spirits, blonde children, families, all those courageous enough to take the risk and failed, these spirits hover in the air at dusk, making the shiver down the spine happen easily, odd movements caught with the corner of the eye, strange pictures that seem like memories or thoughts.

We will release them set the souls free them from their wanderings, allow them to return to their ancestors. I have done this many times in many corners of the world, it is a wonderful opportunity to do sound healing and Earth healing, put them together, intent, healing and sound, and make the land soft and warm again.

Up until the new moon on 18th of April in four days time we will be smudging and clearing the medicine wheel and ourselves at Leaf Hill; we will smudge the walk up to the first guard post on top of a hill half a kilometre from the border, here we are going to build a medicine wheel from the basalt rocks of the last Inipi lodge, these are blessed and holy stones that are ready to work.

At new moon we will walk from the out post into the border lands begin clearing souls in no mans land. There is a special place, an old place where large carved granite rocks look down through pine trees into a valley, I saw many souls down there. On this hill I will drum sing and open the spirit doors for the souls to depart, allowing them release to go home to their ancestors. Are you with me on this adventure we will be finished by full moon on the 4th of May?

The support that you can give us on this sound healing project, is to drum, sing, chant and focus your healing virtue on to the triangular corner of land, north east of Selb, near Hof. The main cities in this region are Nurnburg, Dresden and Prague. You do not need to be exact, even visualising Germany and Czech Republic will get you there. Look on a map or Google Earth to get an exact location. Drum and focus  your attention on walking in spirit, alive and powerful, singing and dancing through the land.

Drum will hold you into the space where I am doing this work. Others will be with me walking and clearing. If you meet a soul who needs to go back home, beat the drum and look into the west, this is the realm of departing souls and the route into the ancestors; visualise a round door, cross the door east / west and north / south and see it open, let the soul or souls through. Close the door when you are finished, cross the door east / west, and north / south and imagine the door being smudged out with fine yellow sand of light. It is best to open a medicine wheel before you start this work as it will keep you safe so that you do not carry any soul back into your own life. Be happy and joyous, know that this is the most majestic and powerful healing we can do for mother Earth.

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