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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
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Healing Ancestral and Family Wounds

Ancestral Healing


We are now flowing with the colder winds into the time of the Ancestors.

Autumn, Fall, Herbst - these are some of the names for this time of the year where for us in the northern Hemisphere our days are shortening, nights are lengthening and temperatures are plummeting. Not only is autumn an expression of decay and breakdown in the cycles of each year and  also each day, but also significantly in our lives. Autumn signifies decline, the year ending and us getting older; people around us dying - close friends and soul family, powerful people who have passed beyond the veil and “changed form”. I notice the leaves browning and crisp under my feet as I gently walk upon the earth, the mist and moist mountains are gold, orange, yellow, green and rust. Autumn is making me look at my own mortality and my willingness to step into an uncharted chapter where I have to let go and surrender so much that I held dear.


Getting older is ripening, maturing, coming of age, becoming wiser, more experienced, softer and seeking a deeper peaceful life. Getting older is about how you have invested your time and energy into pursuing your passions and life purpose during the early working years. If you have been giving your power away and not seeking integrity and virtue, likely you will be having a difficult time looking into the mirror. No not just the mirror on the wall where you’re hoping that it states “you are the fairest of them all”; but the true mirror behind the eyes and in the faces of others. Our parents too got older, became white haired and eventually died and we see in the mirror so rapidly how we are becoming images of them, slightly different with a common thread running through. Have you heard them speaking in the silence? Your grandmother, your mother’s mother, have you heard her speaking and communicating through memories and pictures, smiles and loving chides, have you heard her? Maybe it is about time that you started to listen. 


Each one of us has the ability to reach back into the generations and begin to mend the shame, dishonesty and suffering that has been handed down from generation to generation. We can do it if we give ourselves the chance to listen and then take the courage to act.

The Ancestors are an amazing resource on the other side of the veil. Of course they are not dead, what a ridiculous notion, that the people who loved you when they were walking besides you, holding your hand and guiding your early faltering steps, who “loin-ed” you or bore you into the world, that they are now separated from you; maybe you cannot see them but that does not mean that they are not here with you. You need to trust the way of seeing with the inner eye, and listening with the inner ear, because they are here, as close as our asking.


Our body is created as a map, expressing the powers of the Fathers, Mothers, Grandfathers and Grandmothers. Once you know the corresponding body regions to your ancestors you can tap into exploring where shadows to be cleared and virtues to be enhanced are held. It is  a wonderful gift to be able to see and practically deal with these powerful issues because so much of our behaviour, actions and resulting consequences are patterns from the past that are handed down the generations.


In the Ancestral Healing Workshop we are going to look at acupuncture and TCM theory blended with the wisdom of the ancient medicine knowledge still alive in the indigenous cultures. Using visualisation and trance journey on drum and rattle we will explore individually the issues that are most apparent in our lives. By asking the aid of the Ancestors we can undo the knots that hold us, see into the fearful shadows that slip and slide with us through life and come to terms with our human nature becoming more healed and welcomed from within.


Be prepared to be vulnerable, open and honest. 

Bring your drum and rattle, plus seven or thirteen stones.

A warm blanket to lie on and a packed lunch


Ancestral Healing Workshop

Kingfisher Cottage Community

Westlands Lane

Birdham PO20 7HH


Date: Friday 3rd November 2017


Cost: £75


For more info and booking please visit:



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